๐Ÿ•น️ Antstream Kickstarter: "The first streaming platform for retro gaming" ๐Ÿ•น️ @Antstreamgames #Retrogaming

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I came across the Antstream service last year when I visited the PLAY Expo in London. I didn't get an opportunity to have a go but it definitely piqued my interest. I've been keeping track of developments over the last few months and this week received an email to confirm that a Kickstarter for Antstream has just been launched.

Let me take a moment to break down Antstream and the Kickstarter for you...

The Antstream Team are looking for £50,000 by Friday May 10th 2019. The funds raised will go towards the development of the platform and also adding further games to the service.
What is Antstream?

What are Antstream Challenges?
What Games Will Be Available To Stream At Launch?

How Do NEW Games Get Added?
How Do The Kickstarter Rewards Work?

This looks like a really exciting service that needs a Kickstarter campaign to get the user base up to an acceptable level before the full launch. I hope the team succeed in bringing this to the Retro Gaming masses as 4 years of passion has obviously been poured into getting this off the ground.

Here's The Current Plan For The Launch Dates Which DO NOT Rely On A Successful Kickstarter:

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