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A little while back I was approached by @McGnarlyG to take a look at his new book entitles "The Video Games Adventures of Monte McGnarly"

I'm so glad I took up his offer as this book takes you on a personal nostalgic journey of video games discovery through the use of rhyming verse.

It's clearly a project that has been crafted through love and also through loss.

Every poetic story has been lovingly crafted around a video game theme such as Zelda or Super Mario Bros and even my beloved NBA JAM! 

The thing that I truly enjoy about this book is that it taps into the childlike love of video games that resides in all of us who play games and it really does make you smile. I read each story in bite-sized chunks whenever I had a spare few moments and I enjoyed every minute of its whimsical fun-filled approach to telling a story.

It's also ideal for those with children who love video games as I got my 6 year old to read a couple of stories to me and she loved it too!

At the minute you can get this video games love letter from Amazon for around £7.70 ($9.99) and it's well worth your time if you love personal insights into video games experiences from fellow gamers.

About The Author:
George Giese is a grown man who loves to play video games and like most of us also spent his childhood playing them too. He decided to turn all those thousands of hours of games playing into something good. George sifted through his treasure trove of video games and created Monte MvGnarly. George's wish was to honour some of his childhood favourites with cheerful lyrical tales whilst benefitting the next generation of gamers no matter what their struggles are.


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