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Gaming Glasses was a term that I'd never really come across before but then I noticed a trend via explodingtopics.com which explained that during the COVID 19 outbreak gaming usage spiked and millions of gamers began suffering from dry eyes, dizziness and other symptoms of long gaming sessions. Therefore more people began to use orange-tinted gaming glasses while playing.

I was immediately sceptical of the effectiveness of these so-called 'Gamer Glasses' and set out on an intrepid journey of discovery through my use of Google and typing in those immortal words "Gaming Glasses"

What Do Gaming Glasses Do?
It is said that they can help you improve your vision and clarity, and help reduce stress and strain on your eyes whilst playing a long gaming session.

How do they protect your eyes?

From what I could find they are designed to help reduce blue light glare and strain from staring at a TV, computer, tablet, or another device for too long. The blue light emitted causes strain on the eyes and is even said to potentially impair vision over time.

Do They Even Work?

Well after doing a little online research, it would appear that they will assist in your quest against dry eyes and vision impairment assuming that they have the relevant features built in the glasses spec.

The 4 features that you should look for:

Maximum Blue Light Blocking
An amber lens tint aides in blue light blocking which seems to reduce eye fatigue by cutting down on blue light exposure.

Anti-Reflective and Anti-Glare Coatings

These specially designed lens coatings work to stop out-of-focus or ghost images, as well as refresh rate flickering from distracting the view of the gamer which in turn is supposed to create a clear, comfortable image.

High Optical Quality

Something termed as CR-39 lenses make for optical quality almost as good as glass whilst being very lightweight which aides in the comfort of wearing the glasses for prolonged periods. It is also said that CR-39 lenses tend to have better shatter and scratch resistance tolerance.

Spring Loaded Hinges 
These type of glass hinges tend to aide in the comfort fit of the glasses enabling wearers to wear the glasses for longer periods with less discomfort.

Having never worn gaming glasses myself I can't comment on whether they do actually work but I can understand why they would potentially work as the science behind them seems to stack up.

Where Can You Buy Them From?

Well, another google search led me to 3 main brands that seem to lead the field of specialised Gamer Glasses. 

Gunnar Optiks seems to be the market leader and they stock their range on Amazon

Sony also do they're own branded version which looks quite cool and are competitively priced

Then I found some by J&S Vision which has some incredible reviews

In my experience of looking for these type of items previously you normally pay for what you get and I'm expecting that the dearer glasses will probably be the lighter best looking glasses that are more comfortable to wear whereas the cheaper ones will probably have the same spec or similar but might not be as comfortable to wear due to lack of spring hinges and overall heavier weight.

I'll leave you to go out and try these out for yourselves but I do hope you have learned something about gaming glasses as I think I have.

I'll leave some lovely pics for you to look at to see if you fancy taking the plunge on 2020s must-have gaming accessory.


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