๐Ÿ”ช Dread X Collection 5 Releases on Steam in April 2022 ๐Ÿ”ช@DreadXP_ #IndieGame #IndieGameDev

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Independent horror publisher and production company DreadXP is back to spotlight the second half of games included in Dread X Collection 5, the latest entry in its popular anthology horror game series.

Based around the theme of “entertainment”, the last batch of sinister titles included in Dread X Collection 5 invites players into the glitz and glam of Hollywood, a karaoke bar toilet, an abandoned daycare, a haunted puppet show, and even Finland in the year 1888... 

Are you ready for some terror?

Karao by Stroboskop (Sylvio): During a late night in a karaoke bar, the bartender directs you to the back corridors to find an alternative toilet. After taking a wrong turn, you find yourself deep down in dark subway tunnels following a distant singing. Your hopes are sparked when you stumble upon an old abandoned station, as this could be your way out, but something is off. All the signs are in a foreign language, the doors are welded shut, and you have a sinking feeling that following that voice was a terrible mistake.
Spirit Guardian by Nikk F. (SCP: Nukalypse): Enter an abandoned daycare center where nothing is as it seems. Demons and vengeful spirits haunt the halls, lurking in the shadows. Discover what exactly happened here; it's up to you to cleanse their souls and bring peace. You are the Spirits' Guardian.

Vestige by Philip Hesselbรคck (Axis Mundi - included in Dread X Collection: The Hunt): An old game. A familiar place. A dark memory. When playing through an old game from your childhood, something strange starts happening. The game warps, and reality seems less real. Find out what is going on before it’s too late. But to stop the curse, you need to face the truth.
Beyond the Curtain by Matt Reeves (Two LinesFamily is Nothing): A young child falls asleep during a puppet show and awakes alone in an old, musty theater. Finding all the doors to be bricked over, the child is forced to go backstage and discover, if perhaps, they may not be alone after all. Wander the darkness that lies beyond the curtains in this first-person, atmospheric horror experience.
HUNSVOTTI by Roope Tamminen (Lakeview Cabin): “Hunsvotti such a slob! Will be sleeping with the hog!” 

Finland 1888. The hardworking locals are celebrating the midsummer; Juhannus, a nightless night that is believed to have magical properties. Swept up in the superstitions, you decide to try out a ritual your father told you about: “Throw seven flowers into the well and the reflection at the bottom will show your future love…” 

Deemed unlovable by your peers, you start a scavenger hunt for flowers. But be warned, not everyone wants to see you succeed. They would rather brand you as… The Hunsvotti…
  • INTERIM by Phantom Sloth Games (The Bends): Alfred moved to Hollywood with nothing more than a few dollars in his pocket and a dream in his heart. A dream to be front and center as the leading man in a major motion picture.
  • Outpost 3000 by Christopher Yabsley (Pigsaw): A birthday bash at Outpost 3000 is every small town kid's dream. But this alien themed party venue holds something more sinister beneath the surface. Can you face your fears and avoid the clutches of The Stranglemaw?

    Outpost 3000 also doubles as Dread X Collection 5’s hub world to launch the twelve featured titles. 

View the Dread X Collection 5 Game Spotlight #2 trailer here:

[YouTube] https://uberstrategist.link/DXC5-Spotlight2YT 

The Dread X Collection series premiered in May 2020 and has since spawned four individual releases, featuring a collective of 41 curated horror shorts from some of the industry's top independent developers. Inspired by Game Jams, each collection has its own thematic concept which points the featured developers in a similar direction but with full creative freedom. Dread X Collection 5 raises the total count of horror shorts in the series to 53. 

To learn more about the Dread X Collection series, please visit 

Dread X Collection 5 releases on Steam in April 2022. 

Fans can wishlist the game by going to the Steam page here: 

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