⚔️ Salt and Sacrifice | Beta | Preview | PS5 Tested | "Salt and Sacrifice will feel very familiar to those who played the preceding title" ⚔️ @transvaalgf @jamezila @iequalshane @skastudios #IndieGame #IndieGameDev

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Salt and Sacrifice will feel very familiar to those who played the preceding title - Salt and Sanctuary - as the 2D take on the Dark Souls formula is largely unchanged; it keeps the core mechanics but sprinkles in enough new flavour to keep the game feeling fresh.

The story of Salt and Sacrifice is that you are a criminal banished from the realm and transformed into a Marked Inquisitor, whose purpose is to hunt mages who illegally practice magic. 

The first interesting new addition I noticed whilst designing my character - you now have to pick a crime that you were originally sentenced for. Depending on which crime you choose, a different item will be added to your starting character. 

The visuals are definitely more striking; vibrant colours and more effective lighting give the game a stronger visual style than its predecessor. The biggest addition by far is the online multiplayer that allows you to tackle the game with friends in co-op mode or even invade other players’ worlds to cause trouble.

During my experience with this beta version, I ran into no bugs or faults, the game seems very ready for its launch on the 10th of May.  

Salt and Sacrifice was a game that I was already highly looking forward to, and my time with this beta has heightened that anticipation.

The tense gameplay of the original remains, but now the improvements to visuals, new ways to traverse the landscapes and the added online element bring an intoxicating excitement for the full release.

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