๐Ÿš—๐Ÿ’จ Drift Hunters: The Ultimate Free Drifting Browser Game ๐Ÿš—๐Ÿ’จ

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The browser-based game industry has changed. In the early 2000s, we had sites like Newgrounds and Ebaumsworld, which curated a bunch of different kinds of flash games.

Many of these games were fun but didn’t have much to offer outside of the 5-10 minutes diversion.

We have websites like Drifted, which curates many of the same styles of quick-play browser games and some games with more meat on their bones.

One of these games, a browser game with a ton of technical depth, great gameplay, and customizability, is Drift Hunters.

If you’re looking to experience an elevated browser game, read on to see some of the awesome features of Drift Hunters.

Built On Unity

First off, Drift Hunters was created in the Unity Engine. A far cry from the flash games of yore, Unity is used as the base of many fantastic games across all platforms.

Games like Pokemon GO, Cuphead, and Beat Saber are all built on Unity to give you an idea of the awesome things you can pull off with the engine.

Drift Hunters performs incredibly well on all hardware configurations thanks to this powerful engine and is also quite scalable, with options for multiple graphical settings in the game’s options menu.

The Unity engine is also light enough that Drift Hunters can look and play as good as it does and still not require an extra download.

The whole experience runs right in the browser but looks closer to a downloadable game or console experience.

In-Depth Gameplay

You may be thinking: It’s a browser game; it can’t be that challenging, right?

You’re likely to immediately be put in your place when you over-accelerate without braking into your first corner, leaving you slamming into a wall.

Drift Hunters does not mess around, and it’s no arcade drifter either.

You’ll have to pay attention to your speed and be cautious of your brake distance if you hope to even start a drift before spinning out.

After a few laps, your fingers will be dancing across the WSAD keys and the space bar, expertly drifting through the various tracks in the game.

Hours Of Fun

There are ten tracks in total within the game, and each one takes a while to get used to until you’ll be expertly drifting around the sharp corners and turns.

There are also almost 30 cars for you to purchase with your earned drift points, adding another layer of play and mastery to an already pretty expansive game.

Going back through each track with a newly unlocked car and using points to upgrade while also unlocking more cars is a fantastic experience that makes time fly by.

You could potentially spend hours playing this free browser game during your breaks at home, school, or work.

There’s a ton to do in Drift Hunters, but once you’ve had your fill, you should also check out Drift Hunters MAX, the upgraded and expanded version of Drift Hunters.

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