🏎️πŸ’¨ Agent Intercept Nintendo Switch Review 7/10 "No, I exSpectre you to die" 🏎️πŸ’¨ @PikPokGames

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A racing game with mobile roots that has now blasted across to consoles, Agent intercept casts you in the role of a spy that has been given control of the Spectre, an ultra-high-tech machine that has the ability to transform into other vehicles, fire missiles, turbo boost and generally be very, very saucy.

As you work your way through the missions, getting ever closer to taking down the evil CLAW – which reminded me of Inspector Gadget, good – you’ll take down submarines, helicopters, leap into airborne carriers... and blow up a lot of henchmen in jeeps. 

The visuals in Agent intercept are vibrant and have a cartoonish sheen to them, the over-the-top on-screen antics and voice work perfectly match the retro-cool ‘60s soundtrack; all horns, percussion and musical punctuations of the equivalent of ‘BAM, ‘THWAK’ and ‘BOOM’ whenever you destroy an enemy vehicle – with touches of rolling bass, delay pedals and marimba, natch. The music is very much a highlight, and worth checking out on streaming services.

In terms of gameplay, the bulk of the game is taken up by the campaign, which takes around 2-3 hours to complete and sees you either racing through a stage or taking down a boss in mini-stages. Your car automatically accelerates, with the player having control of the turning, boost and missiles – as well as other aspects that are unlockable further down the line.

This all very much harks back to the games’ mobile roots, which fit well on the Switch in handheld mode. The silly plot, accessible, pick-up-and-play aspects are all on point, but there are fundamental caveats that add elements of discomfort to the proceedings. The main one being the viewpoint. For the most part, it’s not an issue as you boost, leap, transform and skid around the linear stages – but it can lead to some serious teeth-clenching when you are tasked to avoid enemy fire, and it’s really unclear which route to take due to the angle at which you are locked at viewing the action.

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