GuardGrave PC Ten minute Taster "Burger Time Inspired Arcade FUN!" ⚰️πŸ”¨ @realMonsterBath #IndieGame #GameDev #Arcade

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Rich starts hammering coffin lids in GuardGrave while collecting stars and winged boots. What a classic arcade game this is in the year 2023! 

GuardGrave is an old school styled game in the vein of BurgerTime. Players must close the coffins on each stage before the sun comes up. 7 Worlds, 7 Bosses and 37 Stages of co-op monster bashing mayhem! 7 Worlds of monster bashing action!
  • 1 or 2 player co-op madness!
  • 3 gameplay modes to choose from!
  • 12 unique enemy types!
  • Simplistic Pick up and play arcade action!
  • Another outstanding soundtrack by the master of retro audio, Gryzor87!!
  • Farting Viking Zombies!

Help a couple of old fellers take on the evil Muppitmouth and save the world of grave digging from evil!

πŸ”¨ GAME LINK:  ⚰️

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