My Time At Sandrock Nintendo Switch Review 7/10 "Sandrock is a love letter to the life simulator genre" πŸͺ¨⛏️ @MTaSandrock #IndieGame #GameDev

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My Time At Sandrock Nintendo Switch Review
My Time At Sandrock is the follow up to My time In Portia from Pathea Games

This review is for the Nintendo Switch version which we received from the developers for review purposes. I found the Switch version to have a few framerate issues but nothing that made the experience unplayable.

My time at Sandrock is a charming and engaging life simulator game that sets you down in the role of an aspiring builder tasked with rebuilding the bustling town of Sandrock. From the moment you step into the world, you're greeted by a vibrant and welcoming community filled with quirky characters, each with their own unique stories and personalities. 

The game's art style is a delightful blend of cartoon style character graphics and watercolour-inspired hues, creating a visually captivating world that's both nostalgic and refreshing.

My Time At Sandrock Nintendo Switch Review

At its core, Sandrock is about exploration, resource gathering, and construction. You'll spend your days venturing into the surrounding deserts and quarries, gathering materials to fulfill construction requests from the townsfolk. 

The building mechanics are simple yet satisfying, allowing you to create a variety of structures, from humble shelters to grand workshops. As you progress, you'll unlock new blueprints and crafting recipes, expanding your creative possibilities and transforming Sandrock into a thriving town.

My Time At Sandrock Nintendo Switch Review

Beyond the core building loop, Sandrock offers a wealth of side activities to keep you engaged. You can participate in various festivals and events, engage in social interactions with the townsfolk, and even embark on quests to uncover the town's secrets. 

The game's narrative unfolds gradually, revealing the rich history of Sandrock and the struggles of its inhabitants. As you delve deeper into the story, you'll form strong bonds with the townspeople, making their triumphs and setbacks all the more impactful.

Sandrock is a love letter to the life simulator genre, capturing its essence in a way that's both heartwarming and addictive. With its charming characters, engaging gameplay, and delightful art style, Sandrock is a must-play for fans of the genre and newcomers alike. 

My Time At Sandrock Nintendo Switch Review


Whether you're seeking a relaxing escape or a challenging building experience, Sandrock has something to offer everyone. So grab your hammer, gather your supplies, and get ready to rebuild Sandrock into the town it deserves to be.

My Time At Sandrock Review

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