Famous People Who Are Fans of Video Games 😎

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Famous People Who Are Fans of Video Games
Sometimes, it seems like celebrities live in a totally different world. But actually, that is not true! They have a lot of common things that they do on a regular basis. For example, superstars can be fans of video gaming too.

It has become more noticeable in recent years when the popularity of video games has been growing.  So, let`s discuss the top 4 famous people who play video games from time to time.

Tom Holland 

This actor is a great representative of celebrities who started taking part in video activities when they were young. Later, Tom said that this leisure activity assisted him in going through difficult times and in some way, video games were a method to run away from reality. On the list of Tom`s referred games, such titles as Call of Duty and Halo can be found. So, as you can see he prefers action types of games.

What is more, video gaming helped this actor to get ready for the role in a popular film about Spider-Man. In one of his interviews, he mentioned that games have taught him great coordination between eyes and hands. Holland used this knowledge during his work in this film. 

Michael Phelps

Michael is not merely a simple player; he has a serious attitude toward gaming. He has established his channel on Twitch, where he broadcasts his gameplay in real-time for his followers. When he was questioned about his preferred game, Phelps promptly responded that at the current time, he prefers fast-paced video gaming activities and feels the need for quick reflexes. Moreover, he sometimes likes visiting online casinos. Just follow the link to learn about one of the best online casinos you can choose. So, no wonder that this man has achieved great results not only in swimming but in video gaming too. 

Daniel Craig 

If you ask Daniel why he prefers video gaming you will definitely hear that it is the way to relax and forget about daily routines. In addition, he likes to deal with challenges that he can face while playing video games and to feel like a unique gamer like a participant of a King Johnnie VIP Casino. Among Daniel`s favourite titles, we want to underline such games as Halo and Resident Evil as a confirmation of his words.

Samuel L. Jackson

This actor grew up in the epoch of ideal arcade games like Donkey Kong. He not only played these games he even watched super TV shows such as Star Trek. So, we are not surprised that he plays computer games nowadays. And that is not it! You can hear his voice in well-known games like Gears of War 3

As you can see, celebrities have the same habits as common people. They like video gaming not less than we do. They spend hours trying to complete missions and achieve new levels in their favourite games. So, no matter what your profession is video gaming will take your heart for sure.

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