Crashy Laps Xbox Series X (mini-review) 7/10 🏎️πŸ’¨ @cheapeesoft @JanduSoft

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Harking back to classic top-down / isometric racers such as Super Skidmarks, Crashy Laps by CheapeeSoft (which could have easily genuinely been a wonderfully 8-bit, British development house name back in the ‘80s!) is a budget title that aims to capture that vintage arcade-racing feel, with modern touches.

Whilst the design of the menu system feels quite generic and low-frills, there are quite a few customisation options available to cater for all styles and skill levels, including a championship that acts as a single player campaign – although the games truly shines (like all the best racers) in local multiplayer.

Whilst the designs of the menus are generic, make no mistake in that the in-game racing is smooth and fun. There are further comparisons to Super Skidmarks to be made here in the style of driving and handling, as well as the truly unforgiving nature of going off-track, it make look charming and vibrant, but you’ll need to master each track if you want that golden cup!


Crashy Laps is a simple, fun, and accessible title that lets the solid core mechanics do the heavy lifting. The ability to tweak the options to suit your tastes – and the fact that you can choose between top-down or isometric viewpoints is especially tasty! – is much appreciated, it’s great for quick blasts of retro racing fun with friends.

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