Super Arcade Racing Nintendo Switch Review 7/10 🏎️πŸ’¨ @outofthebit #IndieGame #GameDev

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Super Arcade Racing Nintendo Switch
I recently covered Full Void by OutOfTheBit, and in requesting a code for reviewing purposes, I noticed their previous release, Super Arcade Racing.

As a fan of top-down racers, I thought it would be fun to do a mini-review of this, as I hadn’t heard of it before stumbling across it on the developer’s website, and it takes a slightly different approach to its gameplay when compared to games of a similar ilk, in that it’s much more of a fun, unfolding narrative than simply disjointed races.

When Diving into Super Arcade Racing, the first thing that you’ll notice are the snappy pixel visuals and throwback soundtrack, which completely fit the style and vibe of the game.

Set against the backdrop of a sibling being kidnapped, your character – Mick – must work with a mentor-like mechanic in souping up your car so that you can take down the gang holding your family member hostage, this simple story structure gives some pep to the reasons behind each of the 60 races that you’ll embark upon.

Super Arcade Racing Nintendo Switch

It’s also worth noting that some races have shortcuts as well as occasional secret races which offer a higher challenge and are fun to discover.

In terms of the fundamentals, Super Arcade Racing is a slightly more mellow affair than you may be used to, as the overall pace is slightly slower than I expected, although this fits in with the more casual sensibilities that the game offers.

Super Arcade Racing Nintendo Switch

Whilst the more mellow pace may not be to the taste of some, the oddly finicky cosmetic upgrade system is something that most players will find cumbersome, and it does make you want to skip it altogether.


Even with these niggles, Super Arcade Racing is a game that I still find myself returning to for quick fifteen minute blasts of simple, zone-out action!

Super Arcade Racing Nintendo Switch

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