Sonic & Chill Music Review (Digital) by LoFi Lee 🎡 @GameChops #VGM

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Sonic & Chill
Sonic & Chill is the latest release in Gamechop’s …& Chill series, bringing a downtempo, laid-back feel to classic game soundtracks. This instalment is dedicated to the famous blue hedgehog, and follows the franchise right from the beginning. The composer, Funk Fiction, has a background in game music, having contributed tracks to No Straight Roads, Omega Strikers and the excellent Crypt of the Necrodancer, as well as releasing a variety of remixes and original work under his own name.The album features selections from the original trilogy, the slightly-obscure Saturn release Sonic R, right up to the later instalments, with a track from the 2017 smash Sonic Mania, and two brand-new compositions to round things off.

Lo-fi and and vapor-ish is the order of the day here, particularly in the excellent opening trio of Chill Zone Act 1, Welcome to Station Square and Marble Zone, the first of these with a great Japanese city pop-esque air. 

Green Hill Zone is more of the same (no bad thing), while Comfort Zone takes us back to Tokyo for more of that 80s-funk-infused goodness. Angel Island Zone and Chemical Plant Zone speed things up a little with funky synths and snares, before Chill Zone Act 2 really lives up to its name.

On the back half of the album, a very nice version of Spring Yard Zone leads us into more 80s keys with Press Garden Zone, where the second original track, Can You Feel The Sunshine awaits, a jaunty, layered finger-snapper, before the album rounds off with an absurdly funky muzak version of the File Select music from Sonic 3.
I’m very much getting into the zone with lo-fi video game covers thanks to the amount we get through Games Freezer – thanks as always to the GF team and the labels – and this one is definitely near the top of the pile. It’s on all streaming services and digital storefronts, and is absolutely one to look out for.
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