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Boulies is now running a SALE on its website until the 15th May.

With up to £130/$60 off on some of its most popular ranges, it is a great time to get a new gaming or office chair and freshen up the space! The Master Series, Ninja Pro and NUBI range are all included which are all great quality, ergonomic and comfortable.

Boulies Master Series 2024 and Master Max Gaming Chairs – Available on Boulies US (RRP from $459.99 – USE CODE “MS60” TO GET $60 OFF – NOW $399.99) and Boulies UK (RRP £369.99 – USE CODE “MS80” TO GET £80 OFF – NOW £289.99).

The Boulies Master Series gaming chair boasts a sleek and ergonomic design that prioritizes both style and comfort. Built with premium materials, it features high-density cold-cured foam padding that molds to your body shape, providing exceptional support and minimizing discomfort during long gaming sessions. The adjustable 4D armrests allow for personalized arm positioning, while the Class 4 hydraulic piston enables smooth height adjustment. The Master Series also comes equipped with a multifunctional tilt mechanism, allowing users to recline the chair between 90 to 135 degrees for a comfortable resting position. The breathable, stain-resistant, and abrasion-resistant fabric ensures a durable and easy-to-maintain chair.

Boulies Ninja Pro Gaming Chair Series – Available on Boulies US (RRP from $399.99 – USE CODE “MS60” TO GET $60 OFF – NOW $339.99) and Boulies UK (RRP £319.99 – USE CODE “MS60” TO GET £60 OFF – NOW £259.99).


Ideal for pro gamers, the Ninja Pro series make gaming more comfortable. With a racing style wrapped backrest design, it helps to guide towards the middle for a healthier sitting posture and the upgraded metal armrests and improved materials with full functional adjustments, luxury materias and pro design provide an unparalleled sitting experience.

Featuring aluminium structured 4D armrests, the armrests are stronger, smoother and more durable and the arm pads are also designed to be softer so they are more comfortable on the elbow. Made with a mixture of Boulies signature perforated Ultraflex PU leather and microfiber suede, the chair is more breathable and comfortable for a long session of gaming.

With 6 dynamic adjustable functions to help get you the most ideal comfortable sitting position for gaming, it can support the exact position you want through the 8-way adjustable armrest, reclining mechanism and multi-tilt mechanism.

Boulies NUBI Series – Available on Boulies UK (RRP from £269.99 – USE CODE “MS130” TO GET £130 OFF – NOW £269.99).


Crafted with precision to cater to the demands of small spaces without compromising on comfort or functionality, the NUBI Series is an embodiment of thoughtful design. It effortlessly fits into the cosy corners of a home office or maximises space in limited workspaces, making it the ideal choice for those who seek a harmonious blend of comfort, space efficiency and ergonomic support.

Boasting an advanced weight-synchronized mechanism in its backrest, it provides users with a smooth and effortless 27° reclining experience. Designed to conform to the natural curvature of the spine, the backrest ensures a tailored fit, supporting the contours of the body and enhancing the overall ergonomic experience.

The innovative tilt-forward mechanism is a standout feature, offering enhanced lower back support, promoting a healthier posture and alleviating pressure on the lower back. The NUBI Series introduces an adjustable seat depth feature, catering to individuals of varying heights. This customization allows users to slide the seat forwards or backwards, ensuring proper alignment of the knees with the edge of the seat without impinging on circulation.

The seat cushion, crafted with Boulies BioCurveTM Sponge, is a blend of softness and support. Engineered with a special cold-cured foam, the cushion distributes pressure evenly, reducing the risk of pressure points and fatigue. Crafted with high-grade materials akin to those found in car seats, this resilient fabric ensures a lasting fixture in your workspace, offering a consistently comfortable and breathable seating experience.

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