Letters & Legends PC Review 9/10 "A Wonderful Twist on Classic Word Games" 🏹⚔️πŸ…°️πŸ…±️ @BowNArrowGames #IndieGame #GameDev

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Letters & Legends PC Review
I live in a house of gamers. I’m lucky enough to have a partner and son that embrace video-gaming as much as I do, and through that love, I find myself playing a lot of very different genres of games, many different games – but never as many as I’d like, especially when it comes to word-based games.

The last time a word-based game really yanked my trousers down and gave me a fiver was probably Letter Quest: Grimm’s Journey back in 2015, the blending of English-centric action and fantasy gaming has been an interest of mine ever since discovering CAPCOM’s Quiz & Dragons MAME over twenty years ago, and so when a word-based games gets sent to GF HQ, my eyes light up.
Letters & Legends PC Review
Like all games that win my heart, Letters & Legends is a highly-polished title that hones in on a wonderfully simple premise and bastes it with character and colour. As one of three typical archetypal fantasy characters, you must defeat over 120 unique monsters throughout over 100 stages of fun! 

 I instantly chose the mage due to the health-reaping benefits, and quickly found myself getting sucked into a game that I wish was available on iOS, as the brevity, design and sheer fun factor was begging to be a dive-in-n-out mobile title. As long-time readers of GF will attest, I am not a man drawn to PC gaming, but Letters & Legends was of such quality that it DEMANDED that I install it as quickly as possible.
Letters & Legends PC Review
The RPG-lite elements of spending cash to buy potions and items, and bonus ‘guess the word from the description’ stages just really lit up our household and led to some fun nights of beard-fondling, word-sorting gold as each of us ran our eyes over the shuffle-able 16-letter grid to come up with the most impressive word possible, always trying to take into account letters with bonus effects, or avoiding cracked tiles that chip away at your score.

If all this sounds familiar, it’s because you are also fan of Letter Quest: Grimm’s Adventure, which is absolutely fine, because Letters & Legends – whilst slightly altering the mechanics – feels like a continuation of the word-game / fantasy genre, and a key one at that. 

A big recommendation from us at GF and a simple game at an extremely fair price that scratches that Boggle itch. Bloody lovely stuff.
Letters & Legends PC ReviewLetters & Legends PC Review

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