The Unofficial Sega Saturn Collection Author – David Cameron (not that one) πŸ“˜ #BookReview #Retrogaming

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The Sega Saturn is a console that I very much have a personal history with. A unique library of games that was bursting with originality, and is very much a system I often play to this day. David Cameron’s Unofficial Sega Saturn Collection is designed as a coffee table book to be leafed through and enjoyed as the reader picks up some titbits on favourite games – and perhaps even discovers some new gaming gold as they peruse.As someone who has self-published on Amazon, I’m acutely aware of how much the costs can skyrocket when pictures etc. are added to a book, and so the price tag (£35) here comes as no surprise to me. That said, there are unfortunately too many issues here throughout the text for this review to result in a recommendation.

Author David Cameron is clearly well-intentioned with The Unofficial Sega Saturn Collection, but aside from its heft and simple, bold cover – almost everything else needs tweaking. The fuzzy images combine with text that often has spelling and grammatical errors present, and the layout and colour choices often mean that the page background are working against the font colour used.

With these coffee table books, I feel that the focus either needs to be on informative, heavily-researched text, or very well-presented imagery - this book unfortunately doesn’t really strike the balance on either side, and whilst I’m sure it is created with positive intentions, it could really have done with some serious editing and possibly someone else on board, purely handling the design side of things. 

Hopefully, should David Cameron work on another book, these things will be taken into consideration to improve the overall reading experience of his future releases.

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