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๐Ÿงน๐Ÿง™‍♀️ Cotton Reboot | Nintendo Switch | Gameplay | Ten Minute Taster | "The Original Cute Em Up!" ๐Ÿงน๐Ÿง™‍♀️ @ININ_Games #GameDev #IndieGames

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In Cotton Reboot!, Japan’s favourite shooter mascot finds her way into a beautiful HD game with stunning graphics and remixed soundtracks. This is the original “Cute ‘em up”, and will test your skills as well as tug on the heartstrings as Cotton and her friends are finally back in the ultimate celebration of one of Japan’s most beloved gaming mascots. Choose between the HD Reboot mode or go legit with the X68000 original mode with pixel perfect graphics from the iconic Japanese home computer.

• Play the brand-new HD Reboot mode or the fantastic retro X68000 mode
• Cute ‘em Up action based on one of Japan’s longest-running game series
• Enjoy the awesome soundtrack either fully arranged or in its original home computer form
• Guide Cotton and her friend Silk in a highly approachable game! Easy to play, but difficult to master!
• Compete online for high scores

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๐Ÿงน๐Ÿง™‍♀️ Cotton Reboot! | Nintendo Switch | Review | 8/10 | "Sweet Loving Witches Dodge Bullets For Fun In This Broom Em Up!" ๐Ÿงน๐Ÿง™‍♀️ @ININ_Games #GameDev #IndieGames

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Surrounded by a blaze of bullets and headless zombies marching along the bottom of the screen Cotton Reboot could be mistaken for a fever dream quite easily as it throws everything at you in a colourful explosion of mayhem and madness interspersed with some non-sensical cut scenes about willow candy...


๐Ÿ’ฅ Gearing up for the release of BEEP’s side-scrolling shoot ‘em up Cotton Reboot! ๐Ÿ’ฅ #GameDev #IndieGames

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ININ Games is gearing up for the release of BEEP’s side-scrolling shoot ‘em up Cotton Reboot! releasing both digitally and physically on Sony PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in Europe, Australasia and North America on 20th July.

Cotton is already a much revered and iconic brand appearing on many consoles and computers from  PC Engine, Neo Geo Pocket Color, right through to Playstation. Cotton Reboot! presents PlayStation and Switch gamers a fun, colourful, cute ‘em up that offers brand new features, 7 stages that really highlight what a side-scrolling shoot ‘em up should deliver and it does it in abundance, together with a dazzling display of onscreen cast and challenges.

The player takes the role of the young witch Cotton, who ventures out on her magical broom on a quest to get her favourite candy. What unfolds involves her getting entangled with several world-threatening terrors which she must destroy. A really cool feature is the more enemies the player kills the more he can upgrade his weapon by collecting power crystals. Players can also charge their weapon for special attacks and enlist the aid of Silk, Cotton’s magical fairy friend who can form up in different “option” configurations.


Visual/Audio/Gameplay Features

  • Remastered with hand-drawn HD graphics
  • Remixed soundtracks
  • Comes with Cotton: Fantastic Night Dreams in the X6800 original mode
  • + 2 more game modes
    Arrange mode features 16:9 screens, redesigned graphics and characters.
    Score attack mode: the player competes for scores online within a limited time (2 minute and 5 minute modes can be selected).

Storming the castle!

Nintendo Life (Import)

Of all the "cute 'em ups" out there, it remains one of the best……………. 8/10 GREAT

M! Maniac (Import)

The gameplay is as precise as it is powerful, the shots have a lot of bang and the levels are interestingly designed. And the X68000 version is not just a nice bonus, but a completely independent game with its own challenge and different systems - a great package for every shooter fan!

Successful shooter package: Enjoy an action classic in its best home version and a great reinterpretation.  81%/100

Cotton Reboot! really does define what is best about the cute ‘em, shoot ‘em up genre and offers a whole lot more in what is a really magical and enchanting, atmospheric experience.

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Limited Edition with Special Offerings

In addition to the physical and digital retail versions, there are three premium limited editions available, exclusively in the Strictly Limited Games Partner Shop.

  • The Limited Edition comes with a manual and is available for €39.99 and limited to 3.000 copies for Nintendo Switch and 1.500 copies for PlayStation 4 worldwide.
  • The Collector’s Edition is available for €79.99, limited to 2.000 copies for Nintendo Switch and 1.000 copies for PlayStation 4 worldwide and includes a tea set, the original & remastered soundtrack, an art book, shikishi and more.
  • The Deluxe X68000 Collector’s Edition is already SOLD OUT due to huge demand.

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