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Have you heard of the retrogaming legend Uncle Art?

If you haven't heard of him then you will probably have heard his work before probably without realising it…..

Who Is Dave Lowe?
Dave Lowe, who is also known as 'Uncle Art', composed video game music for over 70 video game titles in the glory days of the 80s and 90s.
+ Frontier Elite 2
+ Starglider 1 & 2
+ Carrier Command
+ After Burner
+ Microprose F1 Grand Prix
+ Street Fighter 2 (Amiga Version)
+ Beneath A Steel Sky

Dave was a revolutionary at using the available technology and he managed to achieve such feats as a recorded studio sample to be compressed to a 4 bit sample and played out of the Atari ST's volume control.

Uncle Art Music
Dave now works alongside his daughter - Holly Jazz Lowe who is also a professional musician and singer songwriter.

They formed a partnership and are now known as Uncle Art Music.

They wish to get back into the gaming music world, but first they have a mission from the past to complete……and they need your help!

Kickstart This!


They have kicked off a Kickstarter to make an album called 'A Temporal Shift'

The album will contain Dave's well known original gaming music but remastered in the way the pieces were always meant to sound like.

At the time these pieces were created Dave enjoyed the challenge of the limited technology but has always wished that he could have had the chance to present the music in the way he heard it in his head.

The key to the Kickstarter project is the recording of the Main and Second theme of Frontier with the Chamber Orchestra Of London

http://chamberorchestraoflondon.com/>  at the famous Abbey Road studio….

The majority of the album will be recorded at the Uncle Art studio near Scarborough, North Yorkshire, UK.

The orchestra pieces and drums will be recorded at Abbey Road with the funds raised from Kickstarter going toward the cost of the orchestra .
The money will also finance session musician fees, artwork, pressing and postage costs for all the rewards available.

It is a big project but with two of them working on it they hope to be able to deliver the final project by March 2016. The budget required on here is the bare minimum needed to actually do this.

The idea of this Kickstarter project is not just to simply create an album, which people can pre-order from here, but it is to serve as a showcase for Uncle Art Music so that they might be able to become not only part of gaming music's history, but part of its future too…...

What Goodies Can I Get?
Get involved in this project by visiting the Kickstarter Page and make your pledge…

Rewards Include:

  • CD's
  • Vinyls
  • T Shirts
  • Bonus signed CD's containing Dave's original gaming music
  • The CD will also contain rarities and bootlegs from the Uncle Art archives
  • Limited availability Bonus CD's being signed by Jez San (creator of Starglider)

  • There are also opportunities available to come to the Uncle Art studio & Abbey Road, to witness first hand the orchestra recording the Frontier Elite 2 themes!

The CD tracks that have had multiple requests for so far are listed below and Uncle Art may run backer polls to work out which tracks people are really eager to get into the final album CD.

  1. Frontier - Main Theme
  2. Frontier - Second Theme
  3. Starglider 1 – Sample version
  4. Starglider 1 - Title Screen 'Games'
  5. Starglider 2 full length cassette theme
  6. Carrier Command full length theme
  7. ISS Amiga loading theme
  8. After Burner - Amiga / ST version
  9. Night Shift Title Theme
  10. Microprose F1 Grand Prix Main theme
  11. Double Dragon 2 ( all pieces c64 version only )
  12. Midwinter 2
  13. Beneath A Steel Sky - Loading screen on Amiga theme
  14. Rasputin – Two titles from the game: title theme and 'God Don't Bleed

What Are You Waiting For, Get Involved In This Marvellous Retro Gaming Inspired Music Project Today!

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