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Video Game music is an often overlooked or under estimated element to a video game.
Imagine Gameboy Tetris with another soundtrack! It just wouldn't be Tetris! 
(would it?)
I like to think the video game and the music go hand in hand in order to deliver the game experience.
As time has moved on, the catchy music from older video retrogaming games has been replaced by more of a film like score for the whole experience of an epic game. 

I'm going to look back at my Five Fave games from down the years where the music has stuck in my mind and has been ingrained into my overall gaming experience. 

The tunes from these games are the ones that I will hum and whistle forever more….
1. Super Mario World (SNES) - By Koji Kondo

The quintessential Mario soundtrack that still sounds great to this day. All Mario soundtracks from this moment forward have been a copy of this epic masterclass of sound. My favourite has to be the Bowser Castle Levels with their mean and moody music. Pure class..
2. Street Fighter 2 (SNES) - By Yoko Shimomura

I think of a Street Fighter II character and I start humming their stage music. Sometimes I sing the tunes in the shower. This set of music is ingrained into my DNA and it always makes me smile. I especially love Dhalsim stage as the elephants get excited and sound their trunks! 
3. Tetris (GB) - By Tchaikovsky

One of the most well known pieces of video game music made this hypnotic puzzle game even more intriguing as your brain worked over time to digest the wall of Tetrinomes and the piece of music from Tchaikovsky of all people!! Awesome tune in a legendary game.
4. Metal Gear Solid (PS1) - By Harry Gregson-Williams

This game has it all....the first game that made me feel like I was really in a film with an intricate plot and strong music score that set it aprt from all the other games from the era. Just awesome music that made the drama even more intense.

5. Grand Theft Auto (PS1) - By Colin Anderson, Craig Conner and Grant Middleton

The use of radio stations in GTA blew me away. I loved listening to all the skits and the cool tunes. It made me feel like a badass as I stole a car and a thumping tune came on. Revolutionary in the video games world of in game music. To this day, the music is an integral part of the GTA experience.

There's My FIVE FAVES.

What Are Your Favourite Pieces Of Video Games Music?

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