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Us Retrogaming folk generally hark back to the days of SEGA vs NINTENDO in the console wars era of the 90's or the glory years of Atari and it's always great to reminisce on those days of trailblazing video games when things seemed much simpler.
As we see gamers get older we see a growing thirst for retro games and all the nostalgia that goes with it. 

Nostalgia is powerful and the likes of Gamestop have noticed this causing them to announce their foray into selling retro games and consoles.
This is all well and good and yes that kind of mass market approach would be a good way of appeasing the appetite of retro gamers to some extent.
When you take a closer look at the retrogaming market there is also the expanding line of emulation machines that are looking to provide retro gamers with a convenient solution to playing retro games without the space consuming mass of wires and boxes that comes with owning original hardware.
To some extent that seems to cover off what retro gamers are looking for which is …… 
a means to play retro games, whether it's original hardware (Mega Drive SNES etc) or new emulation machines (RetroN5, Super Trio etc)
BUT is that all Retro Gamers want?
I'm of the opinion that one of the current Giants (Nintendo?) or one of the fallen heroes (SEGA or Atari?) could tap into a genuine market for a 'NEW' retro gaming system…….
Imagine a Kickstarter campaign by SEGA to build the next SEGA console...

THE HYPERDRIVE (or something less cheesy)….
I'm 100% sure it would be funded in minutes…
What Features Would It Have?
Well it would be online compatible with the ability play all the classic SEGA titles via an online connection or even just plug in one of your existing SEGA title to the console….

What about a bit of online Co Op for Streets Of Rage, NBA Jam?

Maybe we could see them throw in the entire SEGA Master System library, Dreamcast, Saturn, Mega CD and the Game Gear library?

Maybe SEGA could set up an online hub similar to PSN & XBOX Live but exclusively for Retro Gamers?

Maybe there would be online competitions, speed challenges, leaderboards for all the games in the library?

What about some official SEGA content on the channel that covers all things SEGA retro?

Then to top it all off SEGA could concentrate on bringing out NEW 16 bit games for the library…….

They could pick up where they left off in the glory days before it all went sour…
Just imagine this…….
Surely this would resurrect the flailing giant as let's face it, the only reason SEGA still exists is because of its past glories and this has been seriously highlighted by the 3.5million dollars (and counting) that has been pledged to the SHENMUE 3 Kickstarter campaign! (The campaign has until July 17th to run!)
Each upgrade for the new console or part of the operating system could be funded with another Kickstarter
Want budget for a new game? Kickstarter!
Want to see if a new peripheral or add on would be popular? Kickstarter!
SEGA could then leverage its loyal retro fan base in order to give each of those fans exactly what they want
I know this might sound a bit simplistic but I think something like this as a business model might work?
Maybe, JUST MAYBE, It would help SEGA create a good and worthy next Sonic game 
(that's a big maybe though!)
What Do You Think? Am I Talking Rubbish?
Would You Back A New SEGA Console On Kickstarter?
What Features Would You Want To See?

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