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I'm not the kind of person to get caught up in the hype of a new video game announcement but there are two exceptions........

1. HALF LIFE 3 (Let's Get REAL This Will Never Happen)

2. ...............................................................

When I heard the news that there was to be a Fallout 4 trailer I was bracing myself for something rather cryptic and meaningless, what I got was something that made me excited again!

It did feel a bit like it was potentially Fallout 3 done with better graphics and capability maybe, but you know what, that game is so immensely amazing, you just can't argue with that even if it is!

Shock & Awe
I wonder if the awe I felt in Fallout 3 when I stepped into the Wasteland for the first time can be matched? 

I very much doubt it but i'm hoping Bethesda will keep that in mind. Fallout 3 left me wide eyed and open mouthed on a number of occasions. There were so many surprises and awesome things to do. 

Is it too much to expect more of those amazing video game moments?

I will never forget the moment in Fallout 3 when I was witnessing soldiers fight a Behemoth! It was scary and exciting all at once and that is rare to experience that whilst playing a video game. 

What about those moments when you are treading carefully in the dark through a deserted Capital Wastelands building being careful not to let the Super Mutants that you are around.....heart in the mouth moments.

Worry Beads
My worry is that Fallout 4 might be a bit too slick! (stay with me, let me explain) 

Fallout 3 was amazing, but it had it's glitches and the engine was great but a little creaky at times. I'm thinking that the atmosphere from Fallout 3 might be tough to match without the grittiness of the visuals and the kind of unfinished feel to some parts of the game. It's hard to explain. It is like an unfinished work of art that had a life of its own.

Don't get me wrong, I love the look of the teaser trailer and in my dreams the game will have the atmosphere of The Last Of Us but in an open world setting. This will be tough as nails to do though as even though TLOU was awesome, there was never really an open world, it was just amazing level design to make you feel like you were running and creeping around vast expanses.

Gimme The Hype And Get Me One Of Those PS4's!
Like the rest of the video games world I can't wait to see the game in its entirety and you can safely assume that yes I am getting wrapped up in the hype and that once I know the release date I will be doing the following:

1. Booking the day off work to play it

2. Saving up all my spare cash to buy a PS4 to play it on!

This for me is the game changer, the one game that will warrant me purchasing a current gen console.

Let's all hope that it's as good as it looks.............................

What Did You Think Of The Fallout 4 Teaser Trailer?

Can You Really Tell Much From It?

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