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If like me you adore great box art and the beautiful Japanese designs that adorn the Japanese versions of games then you will love my Website Of The Day .......


BOX=ART have given the following wording for the Definition of Box art:

"The terms box art and cover art are one and the same and are used interchangeably throughout the BOX=ART site.

Box art’s must include a design or artwork that has been printed on a physical casing of some kind.

This means marketing artworks for download video games (with no physical release) will not be covered on this site."

The BOX=ART website is the go to corner of the web when you are looking for the definitive word on some of the greatest Box Art that Video Games has witnessed.

The Team at BOX=ART take the subject matter seriously and have broken Box Art down in the following ways across the site:





The site acts as a repository for some of the greatest Box Art of Video Gaming History. The site is a celebration of the great works of art that are integral to video games culture and a tribute to the talented men and women who have produced the works of arts.

The website contains a timeline spanning five decades which showcases the finest box art ever produced.  

The team at BOX=ART try to give an insight into the creative minds of the artists where they cover Europe’s famed sci-fi painters, North America’s comic book alumni and Japan’s Manga masters.

BOX=ART tries to approach the subject of cover art from a variety of angles and look to compare the changing fashions and styles of box art across the decades.

BOX=ART understand that digital download services are slowly putting an end to physical retail games and the important media of box art so BOX=ART's mission to showcase this dying part of the art world and the video game industry.

BOX=ART are looking to keep this wonderful medium alive through the use of the site and the wonderful array of Box Art it has to offer to us gamers.

Head over to the BOX=ART site today and let us know what you think of this cool site.

What Is YOUR Favourite Box Art Of All Time?

I love the Japanese Super Mario World Box Art it's so colourful and beautifully drawn!

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