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Kickstarter Campaigns Come And They Go.....

BUT We Can't Just Let This One Just Pass Us By....

Retrogamers You Need The Following Kickstarter Backed Items In YOUR Life

What Cool Stuff Can I Back?

Well the Kickstarter is made up of 3 key parts...

1. The Complete NES Collectors Book

2. A New NES Game

3. NES Related Artwork By Topps Artist Joe Simko (think Garbage Pail Kids) 

Sounds Awesome! Tell Me More!

Jeffrey Wittenhagen is looking to create 300+ Pages of NES game Content , Box Art, Screen shots and game summaries. 

The book is a labour of love that came about due to Jeffrey not being satisfied with the books that were on the market at the time. Nothing quenched his thirst for NES gaming so he took it upon himself to create his own book.

The book aims to be the most complete Nintendo Entertainment System collector's guide ever published. 

Each entry in the book will also have 3 check-boxes so you can mark off if you have the cart, instructions or the box.

Game On!

The New NES Game will be a Brand New Physical NES Homebrew RPG where you will search for the original Black Box games that were launched with the NES.

Check Out The Video For Some In Game Footage

Sly Dog Studios have come up with this cool idea for a NES homebrew game to go along with the book release.

The game will be called "Jeffrey Wittenhagen's Black Box Challenge"

The game will be Sly Dog Studio's first RPG, with the goal of collecting every NES Black Box game, in a turn-based fashion. 

These screenshots show the cool look to the game, well worth backing we'd say!

There will also be a port of the game over to the new Retro VGS cartridge-based console that is due out sometime next year assuming that the RETRO VGS Kickstarter is a success.

Black Box Challenge will aim to be a launch title for Retro VGS.

There's MORE??!!
This is the Kickstarter that just keeps on giving!

There is a whole host of Joe Simko art to get your hands on as he has created the book's cover and the Limited Edition NES box art.

Joe is also working on a special gaming related piece of art that he will be offering professional prints of, having the original also available as a backer option. 
Joe is creating traditional hand-drawn artwork, inked and rendered in glowing bright markers, with painted acrylic highlights these are true works of art!
There is also a reward tier where you can commission Joe to create artwork just for you!
Time To Put Your Money Where Your NES Is!
It's backing time! Help the team reach the $15,000 target by heading over to the Kickstarter page and reading all the cool stretch goals and reward tiers info and then picking your own donation level.
This one is well worth backing so get involved and get it backed by July 27th!
On Your Marks, Get Set, GO!

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