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It's been a while since I had the pleasure of of slotting a Game Boy cartridge into the back of the Game Boy and firing up a game of Super Mario Land.
But that's exactly what I did this morning on my commute into the office.
Earphones in, Game Boy out and away we go……..
The first thing that struck me was the clarity of the screen. I had forgotten the fact that any differing light condition could mean a temporary loss of gameplay sight! 

Being on the train this occurred a few times but muscle memory kicked in and I managed to complete tricky jumps even in the brightest of conditions. In fact the loss of sight actually added to the experience!!
A few people gave me some odd looks as I played my see through Game boy pocket with a smile on my face but I didn't care too much as I was totally enjoying my 'mobile gaming experience'. My half hour journey flew as I revisited Super Mario Land for the first time in an age!
The cool thing about the Game Boy is that it is a region free handheld, so I was able to pick up a Japanese cart only version of SML on eBay for a pound. What a great bargain I thought. Just a bit of label damage on the cartridge but other than that it works perfectly.
After half an hour of play I was easing my way back into the swing of things again as my mind was taken back to playing this beauty back in 1989. It was a most pleasurable commute into London that came to a halt as I pulled into London Liverpool Street. 

Just 5 more minutes of this great game is all I wanted but alas, the office was calling….
Now, how do I save my game…..??? Oh ……… I can't ………
It seems like the ability to save a game or access your progress via a password has been around for an age but oh no…..not for Super Mario Land!!
Something tells me that I'm going to struggle to complete this game within my half hour commute……I can't even just pause the game either otherwise the batteries will just run down……maybe I could invest in some rechargeable batteries and keep it on till lunch time?
Oh boy, how did we ever get by without save games and memory cards?!
This is video gaming at it's rawest……pure gaming and that's why I love Retro Gaming…..it's pure (although I could really do with a nice save game)
Though i'm also starting to wonder whether I actually EVER completed Super Mario Land!! I might have to try and complete it on an emulator with the ability to save enabled *how sad*.
I'm thinking that back in the day I would have had all my evenings and weekends to play video games however, nowadays I don't actually have the time to complete a video game in one sitting, so maybe there is something in emulating retro games just for the ability to save older games.
Could You Live Without The SAVE Game Facility Nowadays? (I don't think I could)


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