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Do you like your platform games to be old school?
Do you like to smile as you play?
Do you like to tap your foot as you play to brilliantly crafted retro platformer tunes?
Well, I think I've found the game for you………
"Sweet Beans Are Made Of These"
Think of a cross between Super Frog, James Pond and a little bit of Sonic and then add in a dash Super Mario's tight control system and you have got "Super James Sonic Mario" a.k.a Bean's Quest 2 : BEAN Dreams
With super colourful pixel perfect chunky graphics you are transported back to the era of the platform game how it used to be in the late 80's and early 90's.

"Bean There Done That"
Back then platform games were an art form and there were hundreds of brilliant examples and hundreds of poor ones too. They were the number one game type as everyone tried to topple Mario off of his perch as numero uno in the platformer world.
Beans Quest takes me back to those days of fun platformers that challenge your dexterity and puzzle solving abilities as you progress.

"Bean Around The World And I,I,I,I Can't Find My Baby"
You control Bean by holding left or right on the touch screen making Bean bounce left or right…..simple but elegant control system, I like it. Hold the direction longer and Bean will bounce further in that direction than if you do a short press.
The game challenges you to take the least amount of bounces to complete the level in order to earn extra points as you traverse the game worlds.

On top of the "bounce" challenge you can also collect fruit (very 80's I love it!), by collecting fruit you are tasked with scooping up all the fruit in that level for another bonus.
The third challenge is to save the Axolotis……???? I'm not entirely sure what these cute pink dinosaur like creatures are but all I do know is that they need saving for eaxtra bonus points at the end of the level.
The ultimate aim of all your bouncing on each level is to reach the goal spring to propel you into the stratosphere on your way to the next level of the 78 stages spread over 13 worlds.
"Mean Green Fighting Beans"
Throw into the mix a range of special power up abilities such as Ninja Boots and Chilli firepower and you have a cool new retro game for iPad that will be a treat for all platform game afficionados out there.

Bean Dreams plays like an absolute dream and I guarantee that you will enjoy every minute of this luscious platformer as you tap your foot to the funky sounds of Flashygoodness' Chiptune soundtrack.
Get your booty down to the App Store & Google Play and you can bag Bean for about £1.99…..Money well spent on Beans!

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