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Yes I have about a thousand ideas a year about video games related projects.
Whether that be retro gaming related books, arcade machines, retro gaming barcades, retro gaming shops and all sorts of other video game related projects, my brain seems to be constantly thinking about a way to channel my love of video games into something tangible.
I have always been a keen admirer of video game fan art and how each artist depicts their favourite video game character in their own style. 

I've always wanted to be a good enough artist to give this a go but never really had the style or talent to pull this off.
Then recently I got thinking, what about creating some art that concentrates on the depiction of the great video games consoles from down the years rather than video games characters...…..
So I started to scour the internet for inspiration of how I could depict these console Goliaths of the video games industry. 

Then I stumbled across some minimalist video game art prints by Ashley Browning

These prints distill down a particular video game into its key character component and present it in a way that's striking.
I fell in love with this artistic approach and had a bit of an experiment within inkscape as I tried to portray consoles in a similar way.
Now I've started to create some of my interpretations of the various gods of the console world from down the years and now I've got the bug for this type of creation. 

I'm finding it extremely therapeutic to create these pieces of art and am enjoying something that I have never done before.
I am now planning to create some kind of 'coffee table' style book that gives each console it's own page in glorious colour and will flow in chronological order creatins some kind of console timeline.
Framing the art will be info about the consoles life with some thoughts written by me on each console.
I'm actually thinking about adding a poem in for each console to make this book stand out from the rest of the video games offerings out there.
I'm pretty sure there is a gap in the book world for a coffee table style video games book.
What Do You Think about My Idea?
Is There Anything Pictorial Already Out There That Covers Similar Ground?
Would You Buy This Kind Of Book?

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