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As I was making my way into work this morning I was just thinking how I hadn't heard too much of an update on the recreated Spectrum in a while and then lo and behold an update drops into the Games Freezer mail basket!

So the news is that the Recreated ZX Spectrum is now going to be avaliable for August Delivery Directly from Elite.
Within the press release from Elite there is some really cool literature to help you decide if this is an opportunity you’d like to take up, they’ve attached a copy of the pre-launch product brochure and a draft copy of the User Manual document.
I must say this got me very excited, I love a good manual and it's like I've gone back in time to 1982!
This after all is the ONLY authorised, full-sized recreation of the 1980s Speccy

If you do choose to buy this cool recreation then the Limited Edition Pack includes:
  • Recreated ZX Spectrum
  • (USB) Cable
  • User Manual
  • FREE Recreated ZX Spectrum app
  • Re-prints of the original Introduction and BASIC Programming manuals
  • The FREE Recreated ZX Spectrum app includes - Chuckie Egg, Sinclair BASIC and a huge game bundle.
  • New games and applications available with each update of the app.

The approach to this cool recreation has been to build on the success of the original and add in new features for the 21st century.
Elite have realised that it needs HDMI connectivity, Wireless connectivity, Access to multiple sources of content, Compatibility with phones and tablets, as well as Macs and PCs and even connected TVs

Elite have stated that,
"The original Sinclair ZX Spectrum was an innovation and we are determined that the Recreated ZX Spectrum be equally innovative."

Some people have questioned the need for another Speccy recreation as the Vega has been blasted by a lot of people as a gimmick and this latest recreation being something for the sake of it. I think the feeling by some is why buy a recreation when you can go on eBay and pick yourself up an original.

I like the idea of adapting and maybe even improving retro systems for todays gamers and the lifestyle that we now live.
Time will tell whether this will be a commercial success but I for one am very excited and wish Elite well.
I'm off to read my pre launch brochure and my user manual document.
What's your view on the recreation of this 80's legend?
Let me know in the comments below.


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  2. Upon clicking the link help with coursework writing I was greeted with this image.,;The new Spectrum recreation is looking reallyL good so far! It's great to see a project like this progress and hopefully it will be released soon. I'm looking forward to playing it! Thanks for bringing this to my attention!


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