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Over the history of video games there have been many examples of video game characters who collect a particular on screen item and transform into another guise completely or gain a certain attribute that makes the game even more fun.
It got me thinking about the characters over the years who have had the most entertaining and enduring on screen transformations through the use of power ups.
Take a look at my picks and let me know which characters you would add to this list….
5. Pac Man

The grand daddy of the on screen transformation as he takes a "power pill" and the chased becomes the chaser! Watch as the Inky and co run for their little ghost lives! Brilliant, always brings a smile to my face.
4. Mario

Mario is THE master of disguise. Just think of all the different costumes and guises he has donned since his first outings. He's been BIG Mario (Mushroom), Fire Mario (Flower), Invincible Mario (Star), Raccoon Mario (Leaf), Frog Mario (Frog Suit), Tanooki Mario (Suit), Hammer Mario (Hammer Suit), Flying Mario (Wing), Caped Mario (Feather), Inflatable Mario (Power Balloon), Bunny Mario (Carrot), Wing Mario, Vanish Mario and Metal Mario! To be fair that's not even all the Marios from over the years! Mario my friend you have more disguises than inspector Clouseau!
3. Sonic

The Sonic TV monitors were full of goodies that didn't especially transform Sonic but it did take the fun factor to another level. Speed Shoes were my favourite as you upped the speed of Sonic from 100MPH to 150MPH and watched the blue blur dash around like his pants were on fire! 
2. Altered Beast

Collecting the Power Up Orb transforms our centurion into a more muscular 'altered' version of himself and collection of the orb delivers one of the coolest sound effects with an almighty "Power Up!".Collect 3 Power Ups and your centurion will transform into a BEAST!

These transformations could be a werewolf, a thunder weredragon, a werebear, a weretiger, and the more powerful golden werewolf. There are actually some other beasts that can be seen in the Japanese Super Famicom version. Each beast has its own abilities, such as the dragon's flight and lightning, and the bear's petrification. If ever a powerful transformation was witnessed it was definitely in Altered Beast……RISE FROM YOUR GRAVE!
1. Psycho Fox

The cool Fox uses his 'Shinto stick' to change into a hippopotamus, a monkey or a tiger. This multi character concept blew my mind at the time of its release and still rates up there as one of my favourite platformer games of all time. 

As Mr Hippo you are slow and cannot jump very high, but can smash your way through special destructible blocks in the game world. Mr Monkey can jump higher than the other creatures and Mr Tiger can run faster than anyone else. 

Now that's what I call a proper set of transformations. God I love that Shinto Stick!

Which Cool Power Ups Do You Want To Add To My List?

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