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Cool Playing Cards Always Seem To Prove Popular On Kickstarter And These Ones really Caught My Eye.....

Let me introduce YOU To PIXELS Playing Cards made specifically for Video Games Fans like you and me....

Featuring original Pixel Art Work these playing cards look awesome.

The art work is based loosely on the 8 bit RPG classics and are steeped in nostalgia.

Pixels are epic 8-bit art playing cards with unique & original pixel art characters on each playing card that could arguably star in their own video game!
The card designs have been created by Alex Padilla and he received his inspiration from the most awesome pixel art video games.

The designs have been created to evoque the nostalgia from the days when we experienced when played the retro games from yesteryear. 
With the clock ticking on the campaign there isn't much time to make this project a reality!

Why not head over to Kickstarter now and pledge some dosh to this awesome video gaming card deck.............

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