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Arcade - All machines 

Video Games & Lego are the perfect mix.

Everyone loves Video Games …. Right?

Everyone loves Lego …. FACT!

Well as we all know, Lego know this only too well as they look to bring out Lego film tie ins at the drop of a hat.

I enjoy those games for what they are ….. LOTS OF FUN!

But wait a minute, are Lego missing out on the retrogaming boom?

Why doesn't LEGO give us retro gamers, gamers and arcade heads the opportunity to………


Imagine being able to build your own bespoke arcade, brick by brick.

Installing each arcade machine one by one as you create your idea of arcade games utopia.

Well, I stumbled across a guy who seems to be as passionate as me in the pursuit of....
LEGO - VIDEO GAMES Crossover perfection……

Brothers In Bricks 
The site where I made my discovery is called……..Brothers Brick

The site has a wealth of cool lego related articles within and is a LEGO blog for adult fans of LEGO.

They started back in 2005 and today highlight the best LEGO creations of every type from builders around the world, including ever-popular LEGO Star Wars, steampunk, and mecha creations.

Arcade Creations 
Kyler Wilson has built a series of wickedly cool minifig-scale arcade machines.
Each has different genres that you can pick out from the machine styles and the detail of the graphics on the screens.

Surely these would look awesome in a LEGO built 80’s-style arcade set!

This feels like a project for me!

Arcade - Gun Machine and Player

Arcade Game - Joystick

Arcade - Joystick Machine and Player

Arcade Game - Joystick

Arcade Game - Driving

Arcade Machine - Side

Arcade 1983 / Compare

What Do You Think Of These Cool Arcade LEGO creations?

Have You Seen Any Better Examples?

Let Me Know In The Cool Comments Box Below….

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