☆ Has There Even Been A Better Time To Be A Retro Gamer? ☆ #Retrogaming #GamersUnite

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As I strolled into work in the London sunshine (which is good for the soul) it dawned on me that it's an awesome time to be a retrogaming gamer.
I can't remember any period of time where an appreciation for what has come before in the world of video games has been so strong.
Feel The Love
There are countless Kickstarter Projects, Communities, Forums and Websites out there pouring love on the emotive and nostalgic subject of retro gaming.
It's actually a great time to be a gamer in general as the new generation of gamers are also embracing the history of the video games industry.
We see the online services such as PSN, XBOX Live, Steam, Good Old Games and many other websites all offering up a plethora of great gaming gold on their services. All this enables todays gamers to be able to enjoy games that are 20 years old and 20 weeks old all in the same session. Then there are also great new releases which embrace gaming past such as Rare Replay which is stuffed full of the coolest games to come out of Rare studios over the last 30 years. Think Battletoads, Banjo Kazooie and Perfect Dark (to name but a few!)

Access Granted
Accessibility is definitely the key here, people can now get access to all the old titles……...
Back in the days of strict console cycles, once you sold your console for the latest greatest thing you were unlikely to get the opportunity to play it or its' games again and often if you did play these cool older games you might be in with a chance of being ridiculed by your mates who owned the latest greatest machine.
Nowadays in the gaming community, it is actually seen as a really 'cool' thing to play the old games and get a deeper understanding for what came before. It also helps to realise how these retro games influenced the games that we play today.

Fun In The Sun 
A lot of people have realised that the retro games are still super fun to play as the best retro games are distilled pure fun. Some may not look great but at the end of the day they are fun and that is surely what computer games are all about, right?
The best example of this is Combat on the Atari 2600. A game that came out in 1977…………that is around 37 years ago……and if you play it today with friends I can guarantee it will bring a smile to your face without a doubt. That is the power of games and just goes to show complexity does not mean good game.
It almost feels like the industry is growing up a bit and that it is through its adolescence and is more of a well rounded individual in many ways. It can appreciate both the history of video games as well as the future and I love that.
For me as a writer for Games Freezer, I am looking back at the coolest video games in history and have the opportunity to play these games but at the same time I have a foot in the present as I await with baited breath the release of Fallout 4……
It's a great time to be a retrogaming gamer and long shall it continue!

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