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Have you ever wanted to see the classic Atari retro gaming cartridge and box art recreated in beautiful oil paintings?

I'm pretty sure I heard you say YES.....

Good, Read On!

I've just found another really cool Kickstarter that needs our help to achieve its funding target....

Let's hear straight from the creator of this awesome project, Peder Hill

"That old Atari 2600 box and its cartridges breathed magic into my childhood along with fireflies and fishing holes, ice-cream man, and endless summer days with my best friends and little bro. 
I loved being a freckled boy in the 70’s, when life was as simple as it was beautiful. I fit right in there, along with my Atari. And I'd like to think those games fill the hearts of many.
I want to create large, magnificent oil paintings of them in the style of the Old Masters to both honor their fantastic dynasty in our childhood and commemorate their revolutionary role in the biggest technological leaps the world has ever seen.
My Kickstarter video shows me painting a smaller Space Invaders piece to give you a feel for what goes into and what comes out of creating one. 
I’d like to create much larger works of three classic Atari game cartridges: 
Pac-Man, Asteroids and a third you can vote on to choose. 
To vote, supporters can sent me a message with "VOTE" in the header, followed by your choice of which cartridge to immortalize."

Peder's pitch then goes on to explain the massive impact that the Atari had with it's console and subsequent video games. 

Peder is clearly a passionate video gamer who knows his subject inside out. His paintings in the video really seem to capture the essence of the Atari in the 70's & 80's and i'd love to see one of these paintings at Games Freezer HQ.

Peder would also like to collect retro gaming stories from all the backers so as he can create an e-book of the stories that bind all us gamers together.

I really like the sentiment of this project and I really hope that it gets backed giving Peder the opportunity to realise his goal.

Take A Look At The Kickstarter Page And Get Involved.

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