☆ Pang Man Part 15 – Cool Stores: Hamleys (Regent Street) ☆ #GamersUnite

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Pang Man has been on his travels again and this time he has nipped over to Regents Street in London for a trip down to the legendary Toy Shop ...... Hamleys Of London!

"In today’s instalment of Cool Stores I will be focusing on the worlds biggest (formerly?) toy store; Hamleys. 
You are probably thinking isn’t Hamleys for kids? Well yes it is, but let’s not let a small detail like that, prevent us from appreciating its appeal for the gamer in us all. I am still a big kid in many ways anyhow!
What is great about Hamleys? Well for one, it is one of the few places you can find a GAME store. GAME was one of my favourite stores to browse the latest gaming releases, but sadly like HMV these are now virtually extinct. In fact you are probably more likely to be able to find an exciting Floyd Mayweather fight, than be able to find a currently operational GAME store!
So if you want to check out the latest Amiibos or have a bash on a few selected games before buying, then Hamleys is one of the few places you can do this.
Ok you might be thinking, that is great, but that doesn’t make Hamleys a “Cool store”. And you would be right, on its own that wouldn’t. But wait, there is more, hidden beside all the children toys are some hidden gems that would appeal to the adult gamer geek in us all. Maybe the managers realised they could be selling merchandise to the parents as well as their kids, but whatever the reason is, Hamleys now stocks some great game collectibles.

For instance World of Warcraft, Mega Bloks, which I am going to assume, is a bit like Lego.

Awesome looking Super Mario building sets from K.Nex. This Ghost house set looks awesome!

Halo Mega Bloks, which look like the ideal present for Halo aficionados.

Titanfall K’nex for those who love giant robots! (besides Transformers)

Giant Lego statues from Star Wars and Marvel…

And of course your obligatory Minecraft goodies….

So overall, Hamleys has something for everyone, whether you are 4 or 40. So next time you intend to get your kids or your niece or nephews a toy for their birthday or xmas, remember at Hamleys you can treat yourself as well!
Thanks for listening. "

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