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Another Busy Week In The Freezer Has Left Me With Loads Of Things To Share With You But With Not Enough Time In The Day To Do So....

So I thought i'd give you all a run down of tehe coolest things I came across on my retrogaming travels this week....

Eyes down for a full house, get your browsers primed for a Games Freezer 10 Links Video Games Roundup!
10. Retro Arcade Gaming

I've always been a sucker for the sites that let you play classics in your browser and this site is a bit of a cross breed as it reviews the games and then gives you a direct link to the specific site that you can then go and play the game at. I like the look of the site and the obvious passion that's displayed for the retrogaming world. Take a look when you get a chance, well worth a visit.

9. Yesterbits - 'Bits Of Yore'

If you get your kicks from old computer kit then this is a great place to take a peek at the small but perfectly formed Yesterbits website which has some gems hidden away on its pages. All topics take you down the memory lane of some of the elder statesmen of personal computing. Cool vintage computing site.

What about some cool old tech with new tech housed inside? 
What about an Atari 800XL Raspberry Pi Case? 
How cool is that!!?? 
Have a look at the cool miniature versions of retro kit that is on offer.

One day the PiCade WILL BE MINE! 
That is all......

More Raspberry Pi tomfoolery with a cool looking mini SNES set up.

I defy you not to want this.....

5. Super Awesome Quest

I've been hooked on this cool game on my Nexus 7.
Fast Tile Flipping Fun!
Give it a go, I think you will like it!

4. The Dream Factory

Create your very own retro looking movies in The Dream Factory which is currently on the Steam Greenlight process.

Take a look and back it if you like it......I did

You play as Leah the Fox in this awesome retro inspired point n click homage to the classics. A game well worth backing on Indie Go Go if like me you are a fan of the coolest most stylish genre of video games that there has ever been.

Having been a massive fan of the LOST TV series it was always a shame that there was never a video game to match the awesomeness of the TV series. Just imagine if Naughty Dog made a LOST game?

Anyway enough daydreaming. This game is about the survivors of a plane crash who end up on a strange island and you are tasked with leading them and making key decisions regarding yours and their survival. I'm hoping this game will fill at least some of the massive void left by the departure of LOST from our screens and the fact that there has never been a great LOST game. Fingers crossed for this one....

1. Get Involved With The Erectus The Video Game Beta

Take a look at the MANUAL for a full low down on this cool BETA

Now that lot is going to keep you all busy for a while!

Let me know which ones you like / dislike in the comments below...

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