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A few weeks back I noticed a press release detailing that Mario and the crew would soon be back in the Happy Meals boxes.........I never eat McDonalds BUT when it comes to Mario figures then I had to take one for the team!

I've been excited to see what was on offer for the last few weeks and over the weekend I got the chance to sample some of the Happy Meal delights and this is the Mario loot I uncovered.....
Box Fresh
First up on each of the boxes there was a whole load of instructions for different games to play and then some push out stars and character cards.

There a nice sheet showing all of the characters available. There mainly seems to be Marios but couple that with Luigi, Princess and Yoshi and there's a nice collection to be had. Although it's a shame there's no Toad cos he's a fun guy (geddit?)

So What's In The Box?
When I visited McD's I did ask if they could put 3 different toys in the Happy Meals but they only had 2 different types of toys at the time. Not sure if that's because they'd run out or whether they are being released in waves?

When I opened my first box I was greeted with a Mario and a mystery box. 

Once you have attached the Mario to the pole under the box and flicked the switch on the box you now have a jumping Mario who can hit the box with his fist to make a satisfying ping noise as though you have just released a Mario coin. Good Stuff!

The next figure was a Fireball Mario. Attach the Mario to the round base and then insert the fireball card into the slot in the base. Once Fire Mario is fully armed then just push him along the floor and he releases his fireball to roll across the ground. Pretty cool eh!

I managed to pick up another Fireball Mario in the other Happy Meal to add to my squad of Mario Bros Happy Meal Toys. 

Throw Luigi in there from last time they had the toys and I have a squad of 4.

The Luigi this time around is exactly the same as last time so i'll just need to see if I can get the other members of the crew whilst I pile on the pounds eating my through French Fries, Burgers and Chocolate Milkshakes! 

Anyone want to swap a Fireball Mario for a Princess?!

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