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Have You Ever Started Something And Wish You Hadn't?

Well recently I had that sinking feeling consume me after I started to mod my Nintendo DS Lite with what I thought was a simple piece of DIY.....

A DS Lite case swap......
Pink To make The Girls Wink?
Not so long ago I wrote about "The Handheld That Almost Passed Me By" and this of course was my purchase of a bargain basement DS Lite that happened to be PINK.

Don't get me wrong, I loved my pink DS cos it was cheap BUT I didn't really have the guts to take it on the train so I thought i'd try a bit of easy DS DIY by changing the colour of the case.

At first I thought i'd see if permanent marker would work (silly I know but I thought i'd give it a go). Well as you can probably guess, this DIDN'T work (surprise surprise) all I ended up with was black fingers every time I played it and a kind of muddy pink colour on the outer shell!

So, after a bit of eBay searching I ordered a new black case with the aim of setting aside some time one weekend to fit the beauty.

The case came and I was very surprised at how good the quality was for £5. A perfect replica of the Nintendo casing. I was happy.

Now to put aside some time to research the method and implement the case change.

As always, my go to source of  all information for these type of things is You Tube.

I found a brilliant video in two parts that covers it off perfectly by Nintendo Repair Shop 

So after studying the video a few times I plucked up enough courage and tools to tackle this seemingly small task.

I kept telling myself that even if I bricked my DS i'd only paid £5 for it and it would be a learning experience for me.

So off I set. As always the taking apart of the DS was pretty straight forward. The only really tricky part was feeding the bottom screen ribbon through the hinge slot. Fiddly but very much do able.

After following the video step by step and lining up all the screws and components I was feeling even braver and dare say a little cocky (oh dear).

Now I had a bare bones DS guts and a nice new black and white case to fit.

Leftovers Of My Muddy Pink Casing
Step By Step
Again I methodically followed the step by step video in part 2 and was breezing through it very nicely. I found putting the receiver wire and the ribbon back the fiddliest bit but it was still okay, I managed to overcome my cack handed ness to complete it. I even managed to set the shoulder buttons back in place with minimal fuss. Things were going well......too  well?

As I got to the end and placed all the 'tri wing' screws back in their rightful places, it was time to switch it back on...................

Hang on.......the green light comes on and then goes off again.........<heart sinks>

I've bricked it!! 

Oh man...I had a perfectly good DS (that was muddy Pink) and now I have a bit of plastic with a flashing light.

I wanted to throw it across the room, I wanted to cry and then I reverted to my pre DIY stance of saying "I only paid £5 for it and this is a learning experience....."

I wasn't buying that from myself, I was gutted even if it was only £5, I was getting into China Town Wars and was really excited to play more......now I was going to have to trawl eBay (AGAIN!)

Then the logical piece of my brain kicked in.......

"Rich, take it apart and check all the connections"

But, who wants to do that after spending 3 hours disassembling it and then rebuilding it only to have to take it apart again..........

Soul destroying? YES

Necessary? YES

Let's Go Round Again
So I set about dismantling this little beauty and trying all the connections for looseness. It seemed like everything was as tight as could be. 

Then I had a eureka moment............The Ribbon............was it slightly wonky in it's black clamp thingy? Well it did look a little wonky, but could that really make a difference? Probably not but let's give it a go. So I released the ribbon and re set it into it's holder and said a little prayer. 

After this point my cack handedness kicked in a treat and I was all fingers and thumbs as I tried to reset all the shoulder buttons and screws back into place. It was at this point I wanted to scream. I'd spent all this time doing it and I bet when I got to the end it still wouldn't bloody work.

Never again am I going to attempt this type of thing for as long as I ...................

Hang on, all the screws are back in place and the power button works!!! 

The DS has come back to life! I have my DS back oh man!!

Yes, it seemed as though the ribbon was the issue. 

I now own a fully functioning black and white DS Lite that I lovingly created and almost threw across the room when I thought i'd broken it.......i'm glad I didn't.

It was a learning experience for me.

I learned that i'm not actually cut out for console mods and I won't be trying another one out in a hurry!

Have You Ever Had Any Console Mod Nightmares?

Let Me Know in the Comments Below


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