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You know those weapons in shooter games that you get that make the level that much more fun. The weapons that make you smile and give out a litte cry of "yess!" when you collect them.

Now obviously I am no gun toting maniac in real life but there's something really satisfying about using a mega cool weapon in a video game.

Sometimes the satisfying thing about the weapon is the noise it makes or the way it looks or the effect it has on the non player characters / enemies in the game.

As I think back to all the games I've played with a must have weapon in them it brings a smile to my face as I remember some of the immense fun to be had.

Come with me as I walk you through some of my faves from down the years.............

Midnight Resistance (Homing Missiles)
Firing off these bad boys is loads of fun as you see them tack and trace your enemies around the screen. Satisfyingly devious weapon!

Contra (Spread Shot)
This glorious upgraded weapon enables you to fire off 3 streams of bullets at 3 different angles which makes mowing down a screen of enemies an absolute joy!

Doom (Plasma Gun)
Firing this off makes you feel powerful as you make mincemeat out of the undead horde! The plasma mows down enemies with the greatest of ease and feels especially powerful after handling the shotgun for any period of time!

Resident Evil 2 (Gatling Gun)
Pure power to deal with advancing Zombies in a jiffy is what the box a Gatling Gun came in would say on the side. Great fun and absolutely devastating!

Syndicate (Flame Thrower)
Burning down Sensible Soccer sized adversaries to ashes with a flame thrower has never felt so good! Simple but effective weaponry (although I do feel guilty sometimes when harmless pixels get caught in the cross fire!)

Hitman (Fibre Wire)
The silent assassin possesses the most silent of weapons in the form of the fibre wire. You wont hear him coming and you wont hear this weapon until it's too late.......

Half Life 2 (Gravity Gun + Buzzsaw Blade)
When you first discover you can do this with the gravity gun it's a eureka moment in video games! Ravensholme is scary but with a gravity gun and a buzzsaw blade you feel just a little bit more at ease...........sort of.......

Galaga (Dual Ships)
Dual Ships is a game changer in Galaga. It means High Scores a plenty and those pesky aliens are going to be running scared! In space no one can hear you scream "YESS I GOT DUAL SHIPS!!"

Metal Slug (Flame Shot)
Flame Shot is pure carnage......no one can survive on the screen when you have flame shot equipped!Metal Slug is over the top when it comes to the on screen animation and seeing those baddies take a flame shot is pure satisfaction!

Worms (Concrete Donkey)
So many weapons to choose from, this could have been a number of crazy ways to squish your wiggly enemies but the concrete donkey made it because it's so damn satisfying! Take that !

Cannon Fodder (Machine Gun)
Leading Jools, Jops and Stoo across the jungle to fight off the enemy was a delight and when you fired off the most basic of weapons it was made even more fun by being able to hit the enemy multiple times resulting in comedy yelps from the enemy each time they were hit. It was a great touch to the most basic of weapons in the game and it made the great Amiga game even more memorable.

Half Life (Crow Bar)
The humble crow gets Gordon out of trouble so many times that it becomes the '5th limb' for you in all the Half Life instalments we've had so far. A Half Life 3 without the crow bar would be like killing off a character! All hail the crow bar......"THWACK!"

The Red Shell (Super Mario Kart)
You can't beat a good old red shell. There's been many Mario Kart weapons down the years but for me the original red shell was weaponry perfection. Using your precious red shell at the correct time has always been the key to red shell tactics and when used right still brings a massive smile to my face.

The shovel (Shovel Knight)
Never did I think that a simple shovel could be so much fun to use. The Knight turns this garden tool into a formidable weapon that is essential to the gameplay of this awesome 8 bit game. Who knew a shovel could double as a pogo stick?

So there you have 14 of my favourite weapons of all time.......

Maybe I could have mentioned the Master Sword, The BFG or Simon Belmont's whip?

Which Weapons Would Be In YOUR List?

Let Me Know In The Comments Below...........


  1. You know those weapons in shooter games that you get that make the level significantly more fun. The weapons that make you grin and give out a litte cry of "yess!" when you gather them.


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