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I've just finished watching the trailer for the Kickstarter "Spectrum Addict - The Movie" and I've fallen head over heels for this cool sounding retrogaming project!
Take a look at the video now and i'm 100% certain you will back this awesome Kickstarter project....


Well, what did you think of that?

My nostalgia o meter is over heating after watching that awesome Christmas morning sequence....

Spectrum Addict will be a full length documentary feature film. 
Andy Remic the film maker is looking to take a detailed look at the ZX Spectrum, its history, its developers, its games and its fans in what promises to be a unique tribute to the Sinclair ZX Spectrum.
The Proposed Film Structure is as follows:
0. A Brief History of Time (and the Spectrum’s place in it)
1. A Merry Speccy Christmas! 1982-1984
2. Skooldaze – How the Spectrum Changed the World
3. Those Early Bedroom Programmer Days
4. Games I: Before Tape to Tape
5. CRASH Magazine
6. Playground Politics: Game Fuel for your Speccy
7. Let The Developers Speak I
8. Let The Fans Speak I
9. Three Programmers in Paradise (Well, Slightly More Than Three...)
10. Mugsy! – Playground Piracy
11. Games II: Digital Lifeblood for a New Generation
12. Hardware Developments: Spice and Sugar
13. Let The Developers Speak II
14. Let The Fans Speak II
15. Games III: Were YOU a Spectrum Addict?
16. National Archives
17. Project: Future – The Future of the ZX Spectrum 

Take a look at some of the industry peeps that will be featured and interviewed in the film, it's an impressive lineup......
Scott Adams – co-founder of Adventure International, and programmer of Adventureland(1978), Pirate Adventure, Voodoo Castle and the Questprobe games, amongst many others. It could be said Scott was the driving force in creating the format we know as the classic text adventure today!
Lord Ar*e – AKA Mark Howlett...Retro Fan with one of the largest user base of retro followers on Twitter in the world! This man lives, eats, drinks and breathes everything retro.
Jas Austin – games developer at Automata and Martech, and author of fabulous games including Pi-in'ere, Nemesis the Warlock, Slaine, Altered Beast, and the classic platform bullet hell shooter, Rex on the Spectrum.
Gary Bracey – former Software Manager at Ocean Software.
David Bradley – groupEditor-in-Chief of SFX and Total Film magazines, former Games Editor on PC Format, a Spectrum fan and gamer since 1982, and tech and entertainment journalist on various other Future Publishing titles.
Simon Butler – graphic artist at Imagine, Denton Designs and Ocean Software.
Luca Bordoni – current Spectrum developer who created the much (and long!) awaited Ultimate tribute game and unofficial sequel, Miremare.
Jonathan Cauldwell – a current Spectrum programmer, author of the popular Egghead games and the current Arcade Game Designer.
Ben Daglish – amazing musician who worked on many retro platforms including C64 and Spectrum.
Mevlut Dinc – games developer and author of Gerry the Germ, Prodigy and Last Ninja 2 for the Spectrum.
Bruce Everiss – veteran games industry marketer, and formerly of publishing giants Imagine, Codemasters, and now Kwalee.
Oliver Frey – Book and magazine artist, cartoonist and illustrator, co-founder of Newsfield (CRASH Magazine), resident CRASH artist and former publishing director of Thalamus Software.
It's time to head on over to the Kickstarter
page and make sure you get your copy of
this cool film ........

The project is already funded but there are
some real cool stretch targets to reach in
the next few days.....

Take a look for yourself.........

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