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Fancy a bit of heavy metal chip tune and a game of Donkey Kong inspired retrogaming platform game 8 bit fun?

Well I've got something that you might like...........
Following on from the new Iron Maiden tune Speed Of Light 'The Maiden' have brought out a cool Donkey Kong inspired browser game which you can play for free at speedoflight.ironmaiden.com

The game follows on from the video for Speed Of Light, which features a multitude of video game references as The Iron Maiden mascot "Eddie" travels through 35 years of video gaming as an 8 Bit version of himself! How cool is that!!??!!

Watch the video below and see if you can spot all the video game references, there's lots (i'll be testing you later on!)

Ok now you've watched it which video games references did you spot?

I saw the following:

  1. Asteroids (Asteroid Field)
  2. Minecraft (Pixel Axe)
  3. Tetris (A wall of Tetris blocks)
  4. Donkey Kong (The First level of Eddie's video game romp)
  5. Batman (a subtle 8 bit bat on the moon looks like the bat signal)
  6. Sonic? (The TV's that Eddie throws?)
  7. Super Star Wars (The Second level of Eddie's video game romp)
  8. Midnight Resistance (Where Eddie gets to choose his weapon)
  9. Mortal Kombat (The Third level of Eddie's video game romp)
  10. Far Cry / Tomb Raider / Dino Crisis? (The Fourth level of Eddies video game romp)

What do you think?

Which ones have I missed?

Let me know in the comments below

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