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I often take a peek in the local Charity Shops for some retrogaming bargains. Often there is a deluge of Playstation 2 FIFA games and not much else. 

Sometimes there's the odd gem but mainly it's a bit of a let down. The best purchase I have made is a Game Cube for £5 and also I managed to find a Playstation 1 version of Street Fighter Alpha.
Then more recently I took a trip to a Charity Shop near work and was taking a peek at the books section when I came across a book called TV CREAM TOYS………………

Wallet Saving
To me it sounded kind of odd so I picked it up and immediately from the front cover I knew it was the book for me.
I love retro video games as you know, but I also love reminiscing about things like HE-MAN, Transformers (when they were good), Subbuteo (when it was good) and Rainbow Brite……………well maybe not Rainbow Brite but all the rest if a definite YAY!
This cool book that I picked up for a wallet saving £2 is packed full of nostalgia for lots of the coolest toys that I can remember from down the years and I absolutely love it.

TV Cream is apparently a Website that covers TV nostalgia and this spin off book deals solely with the beauty of the presents that you pestered your mum and dad for when you were a kid at school.
It's jam packed full of those things that you had forgotten about over the years such as Weebles and Stretch Armstrong. It's actually also full of some of the things I talk about quite often on this site too such as ZX Spectrum, Commodore 64 and Game & Watch. Not forgetting the all conquering Binatone TV Master (Pong machine).
My head has been buried in this book ever since I picked it up last week and I not only love the content and writing style I also really enjoy how it is laid out.

Information Station  
Each Toy has 8 pieces of standard info about it on the left hand side of the page.
Born: Year the toy was released.
Batteries: How battery hungry is this toy
Players: The ideal number of players it takes to play the toy
Breakage: Likelihood of breakage
Ads: How cool were the ads that made you want this toy in the first place
Envy: The desitreability factor this toy
eBayability: How rare is this toy on eBay
Overall Satisfaction: How great was this toy after all the hype batteries and money….

This is a marvellous book that really gets the nostalgia gland working overtime and who can argue with a dose of Hungry Hippos, Tin Can Alley and Screwball Scramble!!
If you come across this brilliant book, BUY IT!

Does any of this TOY TALK bring back memories for you?

Let Me Know Some Of Your Fondest Toy Memories In The Comments Box Below

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