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I haven't been one to get involved in the Amiibo scene thus far.

I looked at the figures and thought they were neat but never really fancied collecting them as I don't own a Wii U and kind of think what is the point if I can't use them for what they intended for.

Well.....that view may have just changed!
Get Ready For the Launch!
I just received the news of the upcoming Amiibo figures and to say i'm a little bit excited is an understatement (is this a sad indicator of the type of person I am?)

The new batch of Amiibo figures will be launching on the 11th of September...

They will feature some super cool characters such as a special Super Mario Bros. 30th Edition that mirrors Mario’s 8-bit look from the ORIGINAL Super Mario Bros....how cool is that?!

The thing is the retrogaming Amiibo goodness does not end there...........oh no..........

Dr Who?
What about some Dr. Mario? 

Yes everyone's favourite doctor will be making an Amiibo appearance in his robes


A 3 Pack Please!
Let's not end this retro Amiibo bonanza there let's look forward to September 25th when Nintendo will release something called a Retro 3 Pack

This pack will include the cool 3 retrogaming icons in the form of:


Duck Hunt

Mr. Game & Watch

I think my mind is made up........Retro 3 Pack here I come!
(I think I need an Amiibo shelf!)

Are you into the Amiibo's?

Will You Be Buying These Cool Retro Ones?

Let Me Know In The Comments Below.........

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