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Being a gamer of a certain age with kids means that when it comes to all video games 'all nighters' they are sadly a thing of the past.

But I fondly remember those times when I would buy a game and have the freedom to play it till the sun came up.....and then i'd go to sleep, wake up at lunch time and play it some more!

They were good times to say the least. Sometimes I would start playing on Friday night and continue playing and sleeping until Sunday night. The thought of that great period of my video gaming life brings a smile to my face. 

It also got me thinking about some of the great times that I had with some of the finest video games over the course of an all nighter. 

Some of these games were so addictive that you would just start out playing thinking, 

"yeah i'll go to bed at 12 once I've finished this level" 

and then the next time you check the clock it's 4 am!

When people review a game, that should be the ultimate test of how playable it is. 
How long can you play without checking the time!!?? 

I've had a reminisce and I've managed to pull together 5 video games that took over my life to the point where I would play them as part of many an all nighter on a regular basis, are any of these your favourite all nighter games?

1. Championship Manager 94/95 and 01/02 (AMIGA)

This was the game that invented the term 'all nighter'. The game is a drug that you always just need 5 more minutes of. I'll play to the end of this game and then it's to the end of the week and then it's till I go out of the cup and then it's till the end of the season. 

Meanwhile you could easily wrack up a 12 hour session without even realising what day of the week it was and the fact that you haven't eaten since yesterday! For even more of a tasty all nighter invite a mate round to play 'hot seat' CM! 

2. Fallout 3 (XBOX 360)

This game sucked me into a believable post apocalyptic world from minute one and it didn't let go. With a game world like that comes the need to explore every inch of it and uncover every secret. 

This game became a completionists challenge as I played for whole weekends just trying to find that last Bobblehead inside the deserted ruins of a spooky office block that's over run with Super Mutants.

As you took your eyes off the screen you realise it's Monday and time to go to work!  

3. Street Fighter 2 (SNES)

I'd longed to play SFII on a home console for such a time and when it came out on the SNES I took full advantage of this blessing from the gods at Capcom! 

All nighters were the order of the day as I tried to master the game with every character vs the CPU and also in 2 player mode. 

I became literally unbeatable with Guile as my nights of hard work paid off. 

The toughest thing to achieve was trying to beat the game with Dhalsim on top difficulty (level 7 from memory?) But it was all worth it to see the rubber legged legend ride atop an elephant eating rice at 4am ! 

4. The Last Of Us (PS3)

The need to play,with this game, was the need to find out what happens next. 
Each scene and area of the gameworld is a masterpiece that you want to explore and gaze at in wonder. The natural instinct when you play this game is to keep playing and playing but at the same time you almost have to stop yourself as you don't want the experience to come to an end. 

Those Saturday nights creeping around clickers and bloaters into Sunday morning were of a standard that no other game will ever match. I remember being bleary eyed at 5 in the morning and falling asleep only to dream of rabbid humans chasing me through deserted townscapes!

5. Super Mario World (SNES)

With 99 levels to unlock Mario and co. had set me a challenge I just couldn't refuse and with it being the only game that I owned on the SNES at the time it meant it had ALL my attention for months on end. 

There was no better way to spend my fridays after school than to dive right into Mario Worlds colourful landscapes until the sun came up. The reason for my extended play on this game was the notorious Cheese Bridge Area which had a secret exit that took me weeks and 100s of tries to unlock. 

One night just before midnight on a Saturday I finally beat Cheese Bridge and I slept soundly that night as there was no longer a need for an all nighter!

These are my favourite memories of 
my all nighter conquests,
What are your favourite all nighter memories?


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