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Those cool cats at Bitmap Books are masters at producing the most awesome video games related books and now they are looking to make an english version of a Swedish book called Generation 64.

If you are a Commodore fan then read on.....

If you are not...........then READ ON anyway....you're going to love this book...

Generation 64 attempts to tell the story of how the Commodore 64 influenced Swedish gaming culture in the 1980s.

Some of these Swedish gamers, demo sceners and crackers then went to succeed in the video games and technology world. They set out to form and work for some of the biggest household names in the industry such as King (Candy Crush Saga), Spotify (music streaming) and Digital Illusions (Battlefield).

The book talks about their inspiration from the world of the C64 that spurred them onto succeeding in their chosen industry.

Jimmy Wilhelmsson says of his book,
"Generation 64 will make you laugh, remember, ponder, and shake your head. No matter if you grew up in Sweden or not – It’s for those who had a Commodore 64, and felt like a part of something bigger but did not know exactly what."

Generation 64 was originally released in Sweden in 2014 and met with critical acclaim throughout Europe.

Due to it's success there have been many calls for an English translation to be published and those calls are hopefully about to be answered!

That's where the Kickstarter campaign comes in to fund the English translation and printing of the book.............

Generation 64 Specs:
  • Hardback with a loose leaf dust cover
  • 213mm x 249mm in size
  • 188 pages long 
  • Printed lithographically onto a high quality heavy uncoated paper for a luxurious feel
  • 50,000 words
  • Packed full of beautiful nostalgic imagery associated with the Commodore 64
  • Designed by Kenneth Grรถnwall
  • Written by Jimmy Wilhelmsson
Head On Over To the Kickstarter campaign today to find out more about this exciting project, it's definitely one not to miss!

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