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I first came across this awesome website when I visited this years PLAY Blackpool in March.

GTW had two tables set up with various examples of games that weren't and from that moment on they had my attention.

I love the idea of all these games that could have been massive hits but never quite made it to the shops.

The GTW site itself is dedicated to:

  • unreleased/incomplete/cancelled games and prototypes on both consoles and computers
  • news, reviews and features
  • platform specific projects with downloads, photos, scans, screenshots, videos, reviews and interviews. 
  • The key platforms covered consist of the Commodore 64 and Amiga, where there is a full digital archive of games being preserved for both machines.

Once you get stuck into the content you will spend a fair few hours sifting through all the cool info stored on the games that weren't on your favourite consoles and computers from down the years!

This site is made with a lot of passion as the volunteers give up their time for free and do it for the love of video games.

Why don't you head over today and take a look at C64 Gauntlet with Speech Synthesis or Championship Wrestling on the C64 plus stacks of other cool info on Games That Weren't!

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