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I've been following the progress of Four Realms for a while now and now Hugebot are ready to unleash this cool retro styled game on Steam Greenlight and Kickstarter.

Let's check back in on developer Del Mason to get a full update on all things Four Realms.

“Four Realms is my dream project, melding FTL, Magic, and platforming games in the wrappings of Redwall or Mouse Guard,”
 Delvin Mason - Hugebot Game Dev

Let's Talk Four Realms....
Four Realms is a fantasy adventure game set in four animal nations.

As a Guardian, players collect elemental gems to cast spells that summon allies, enchant enemies, and destroy barriers.

Players must use these spells to unite all four realms against an evil force called the Aether, or Chaos Magic.

Each level brings the player closer to achieving their goal of uniting the realms against chaos.

Combining puzzle elements with the spirit of collectable card games, this RPG plans to stand out from the competition.

Levels are randomized to engage the player and enhance game play.

I took a look at this cool project a while back and said

“This retro styled game looks right up our street.”

Read The Original Article Here: gamesfreezer.eu/four-realms-game-of-day

Graphics For Show, Gameplay For Dough
Four Realms Gameplay features include:

Customization: Personal spell lists in the spirit of collectible card games.

Action: A grand adventure with combat, puzzles, and platforming.

Diversity: A large selection of unique playable characters & diverse spells.

Replay Value: Semi-randomly generated world with rogue-lite qualities.

Personalization: Equipment to tailor-make unique Guardians.

Story: Unique missions and events that create a individual narrative.

Get Ready For The Launch!
As part of launch-day promotions, Hugebot! founder and Four Realms creator, Delvin Mason, will host an online event to discuss the game, demonstrate live game play, and answer audience questions at 7PM CST.

For more information about the online event, visit www.Facebook.com/Hugebot 

A full game trailer and game demo have been released on IndieDB and itch.io

Pending enough support to Kick Start and to Greenlight the project, Del plans to publish Four Realms on Steam.

Four Realms Needs YOU!

Get Involved By Taking A Look At The Demo And Pledging To The Four Realms Kickstarter!

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