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This super summer sunshine, Ashes Cricket and Wimbedon Tennis has got me in the mood to play some super cool summer sports.
Obviously when I say 'play', I mean dust off some cool retro games and get playing some of the best summer games related games of the last 30 years!
So let me get my thinking cap on and bombard you with 5 of my favourite Summer Video Games!
1. California Games (SMS)

I adored this game on the Master System. Surely there can't be a more summery game?

The hook for me was beating my best mates records on games like Hackey Sack and BMX.

I became a surfing master as no one else could get the hang of it like me. 

I was unstoppable.

I havn't played this beauty in a while but I'm hoping when I next fire this up I'll be pulling off an Axel Foley like a true pro...
2. Anna Kournikova's Smash Court Tennis (PS1)

I'm a big Super Tennis fan on the SNES but AKSCT (catchy acronym) just pips Super Tennis for the place on this list due to its brilliant 4 player fun.

The game just oozes fun and the outrageously cool looking locations add to the immenseness of the game. 

Playing in Times Square is my personal fave. If you never got round to playing this first time, pick yourself up a copy it's mega fun and just right for a bit of summer BBQ fun with your mates at your house.
3. Track & Field (Arcade)

Track & Field in an arcade on the pier is about as Summery as you could get. The game that defined Button Bashing fun and is still great to this day. 

I played it at PLAY Blackpool this year and was taken back to a time in my childhood when the summers seemed endless and video games left me in awe on a weekly basis. 

A true Summer games master for everyone to enjoy. My favourite event has always been javelin, nail the 43 degree angle and you're onto a winner.
4. Summer Games (C64)

Summer Games is basically the Olypmics on a cassette tape. This game is awesome. It has so many events. From memory it acme on 2 cassettes. 

The 9 events looked brilliant and it felt like a you were truly competing for your country in those 9 events. 

The only games that didn't hit the mark for me were the swimming events. 

But even they looked great on the C64. 

My favourite event has to be Pole Vault but I was a tad disappointed that Javelin never made the game.
5. Graham Gooch's Cricket (Amiga)

The ultimate summer sport is cricket. Cricket can only be played when it doesn't rain, a truly fair weather sport. 

I've always loved cricket as a spectator but have never really excelled as a player. Therefore my cricket playing fix has always come in the form of video games. For me, Graham Gooch's cricket was a perfect representation of the gentleman's game and I loved the waggle the joystick mechanic when putting spin on the ball. 

What a great game. Granted, I havn't played it in about ten years but I reckon it will still be a yorker of a game when I play it this summer.

What Is YOUR Favourite Summer Sports Video Game?


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