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X is for...........

Atari XE/XLOf the many Atari reincarnations down the years, one of the most fondly remembered is the Atari 400 & 800 XE / XL Series of games machines / computers.

The XE/XL range was where I got my first taste of Atari as an owner of the Atari XEGS.

The XE/XL range has a massive back catalogue of video games that are compatible with the Atari 8 Bit Family of computers, which is the collective name for these legendary machines.
My XEGS as an awesome machine to look at as it had a detachable keyboard that attached itself to the games console style main cartridge hub. 

It also came with a cool looking light gun and a classic one button Atari joystick in the grey of the machine. 

Image result for atari xegs system

There was also a tasty tape deck peripheral which sat alongside the main computer. This meant I could play Atari cartridges and Cassettes on my XEGS. At the time it felt massive for me to be able to do this with my XEGS.
Image result for atari xegs tape
I also loved the pastel coloured buttons on the games console style cartridge hub. It was something completely different from what I had ever seen before. 

Image result for atari xegs system

In January 1992 Atari officially dropped all support of the 8 Bit  XE/XL Series and thereby the end of the XE/XL machines was sealed.

These machines are highly regarded amongst the Retro Gaming community and I for one am a big fan of these beauties.

One day I will get my XEGS back into my collection and collect up as many of the cartridges as I can find.

What's Your XE/XL Memories?

Let Me Know In The comments Box Below

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