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Y is for...........

YARS RevengeYars Revenge is a classic entry into the Atari catalogue of amazing video games from the early 80's era of Atari games.

It's generally considered as one of the Atari 2600's greatest achievements as it wowed gamers around the world of video games.

Yars Revenge has been written about on many a website and many magazines over the years and i'd like to run you through a few things that you should know about this iconic video game from the Atari stable.

Here's Ten Yars Tidbits For You To Consume And Store In The Memory Banks For Later Use....

1. Easter Egg
"After killing the "Swirl" in mid-air, a black vertical line will appear on the screen across the spot where the Swirl was shot. If the player moves vertically along that line and is slightly below the middle of the screen when the explosion closes, the game will end and go into the Game Select screen with programmer's initials, HSW, shown both forwards and backwards in place of the word Select."

2. Ghost Of Yars

Image result for ghost of yars

"The black vertical line is referred to in the player manual as the "Ghost of Yars" and the manual warns the player to stay off its "mean streak"......"

3. Star Castle

"Yars Revenge began as a licensed port of the Cinematronics arcade game Star Castle.

4. What's That Name All About?

"It is thought that the Yar race (Ray backwards) were named after Ray Kassar who was the CEO of Atari around this time."

5. Sweet Little Lies

The game was created by Howard Scott Warshaw who wanted to call the game Yars' Revenge and so lied to one marketing employee that Ray Kassar had approved the name. He then swore that employee to secrecy and the name remained."

6. Yars The Comic

"As with other video games at the time for the Atari VCS/2600 system, a cool comic book was included in the video game packaging for Yars' Revenge. It told the story behind the game and explains the "revenge" of the game's title in terms of the Yars race avenging the destruction of Razak IV which is one of their own worlds."

7.Yars The Rock Star

"Atari released a vinyl album which contains a theme song and a radio drama-style reading of the comic book."

8. Back To The Arcade

"Nowadays you can play a reimagining of Yars Revenge in the Atari Arcade @ www.atari.com"

9. Not So Favourable Review

"A rare not so favourable review of this classic video game came in the form of Bill Kunkel and Arnie Katz of Electronic Games in 1983 who called Yars' Revenge a "video sleeping pill"

10. Yar Indy YAR!

"Another Easter Egg for you all! In Raiders of the Lost Ark, the player can find a "Yar". 
In E.T., the player can find both a "Yar" and an "Indy"


"In June 2013, Howard Scott Warshaw became a contributing artist to the Museum of Modern Art in New York when Yars' Revenge was accepted as a part of their new video game collection."

What Are Your Yars Favourite Memories?

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