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The first time I played any Metal Gear game was the PS1 Metal Gear Solid.

It was a video game that was to change my view on what a video game could be and how a video game could tell a story and build a film like tension and atmosphere. 

It was the first time I played a video game and actually felt like I was the lead character rather than just controlling a sprite on the screen. It was totally absorbing for me. 

The stealth element was like nothing I had ever experienced before and working out ways to trick the guards and sneak around them was a delight like no other that had come before.

The game spoke to me on so many levels. It had heartache, it had characters I cared about, it had a torture scene, it had crazy ass bosses, it had cut scenes that were bonkers, it had a giant mech and it had a cool codec that was just the most awesome thing to convey the story over. I must have listened to every single piece of codec conversation and I loved every minute of it.

Of course the moment that typically everyone remembers is the Psycho Mantis battle where switching controller ports enables you to beat that lunatic who has you baffled as he reads your memory card. It was a fourth wall breaking moment that left me breathless with admiration for how this game was made. 

Then there was the cool codec moment when you had to look at your game box for the codec frequency. How cool is that?!! 

Who could forget the first time you heard a guard say "Huh!?" and the red exclamation pop up above the head of the pursuing guard?! 

Then there was the torture from Ocelot that you just had to survive to stop Meryl from dying, never have I felt so much hatred against an NPC. It was thumb numbingly hard too!

Then we have to talk cardboard boxes.......the ultimate disguise that endures to this day. No one will ever find you inside a cardboard box as you stealthily shuffle along underneath one.

Metal Gear Solid makes me smile to this day. The game is a landmark in video games history that should never be underestimated. 

I've played every Metal Gear since (except MGSV which I am planning on launching into very soon!) and the seed of love was sown with my first foray into the mind of Hideo Kojima and his amazing Snake character.

What a video game and what a guy......

All I can say is ..................... "SNAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKE!"

What Are Your Favourite Metal Gear Moments?

Let Me Know In The Comments Box Below

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