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I’m always looking back to the video games that I loved to play as a wide eyed kid who cherished every cassette tape, disk and cartridge that I ever bought.

My video games have always been up there as my most prized possessions and generally I never sell my games on until I sell the system on.

It has got me thinking though. Which of all the video games that I have owned over the years hasn’t aged too well and now looks like a steaming pile rather than the graphical beauty that I once thought it was.

Here’s 10 games from my youth that haven’t fared too well when you look at them now. I’m not saying that they aren’t still fun to play but in your mind they looked like something completely different!

1. Goldeneye – N64

2. Lara Croft Tomb Raider – PS1

3. Final Fantasy VII – PS1

4. Stunt Race FX – SNES

5. Starfox – SNES

6. Virtua Fighter – PS1

7. Die Hard – PS1

8. Donkey Kong Country – SNES

9. Pit Fighter – Arcade

10. Metal Gear Solid – PS1

The recurring theme from the above list is the move away from beautiful Pixels to Polygons or Digitised graphics.

At one point you couldn’t move for the amount of video games being released with a Polygon count included in their description.

One of the games I really forced myself to put in was MGS. This is one of my all-time favourite video games and for me to say it doesn’t look as good as I remember it is probably something to do with my nostalgia gland making me believe it was something that it was not. In my mind I think it looked more like MGS2 and 3 on the PS2 which are still lovely looking games in my eyes.

Try this for yourself and look back at some of your favourite games from back in the day and see how they fare today.

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